Victor survives fall from nest!

10 July 2022

Thank you to ‘C’ for alerting me. Victor was with Lillibet on the nest. She flew up the branch. Victor has been much perkier this morning and he decided to fly up to the branch. Sadly, he has fallen. The time was 11:09:08. Thank you ‘C’ for your diligence.

Victor is alive! His wings helped him! He is in the top left corner in the image below.

Thank goodness for small miracles.

This is the link to the Fraser Point Eagle Cam and the chat where you can stay informed about how things are going. Dr Sharpe will be out there tomorrow. Hang in there Victor.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thanks for this update on Victor! He was so much more energetic today I read! Thank Goodness he is ok. !
    And that Dr Sharoe will
    Be there tomorrow!

    1. Yes, Linda, he will be and he doesn’t even have to climb the tree thanks to Victor! I just hope that Victor does not use up all of his energy moving around. It is hot. He needs to wait. Fingers crossed.

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