Lindsay has died at Cal Falcons

25 August 2022

I had just finished dinner and heard a ping. The news is heartbreaking but I want to thank ‘H’ for getting it to me immediately. Lindsay was raised by Alden and Annie on the Campanile along with her sibling, Grinnell Jr. It is thought that she was the last chick that Grinnell fathered with Annie.

Condolences go out to Annie, Alden, Grinnell, Jr, the Cal Falcon Family and all who love these birds. More to follow tomorrow.


  1. Mail! says:

    Oh No!  Mary Ann this is so so sad. 😢Will they run an autopsy? I can’t imagine what has happened to her. She and Grinnel Jr we’re doing so well. 🙏

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    1. It is just wretchedly heartbreaking. I would imagine that they will seek to determine the case but if it is a broken neck it might be window strike. There are a lot of buildings and yes, absolutely, they were so healthy and doing so very well. So sad for everyone there.

    1. You are welcome…I just feel the same way. I was leaving the house to go and photograph the Egret when ‘H’s message came through. I could hardly keep the tears at bay. She was doing so well.

    1. It is always sad when we loose such a healthy juvenile. Thank you so much for your comment, Michael.

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