Pipping at SW Florida? It is unclear

2 January 2022

I alerted everyone to a possible pip in the small end of one of the eggs this morning at the SW Florida nest of Harriet and M15. It is unclear that the information I had received by a source was accurate. It appears to me that nesting material was in the way.

Harriet is very restless. That tiny, tiny little uplifting is all I can see on the egg at the moment and it doesn’t look like a pip to me.

It would be nice if that earlier reported pip was hidden on another side. I do think it is nesting material fooling people. There will be a pip soon!

Thank you for being with me and apologies for any early excitement. Thanks to SW Florida and the Pritchett family for their streaming cam! Take care.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    That is perfectly fine Mary Ann! I can see why some would think it is a pip. I thought it was too!
    We will be excited to see it when it comes !

    1. Me, too. I thought it was when I got the image!!!!! LOL. Well, today is the real thing.

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Oh thanks! Been busy and I didn’t know. How exciting! I’ll go look now.
        Thanks Mary Ann!

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