B16 hatches, CE9 is doing great, Boots had a good day…Sunday in Bird World

22 January 2022

Good Morning Everyone!

Thank you so much for your notes. I am so glad you liked the exchange with the kittens and the Dove. Those were sure magical moments. Did not see the Dove back in the garden today but, I did not sit and watch every minute either. The table feeder is full of bird food and it should halt any attack by the local cats. I’d like to see them climb up a 2.75 metre steel pole! The kittens would really like it if the dove returned. They have been watching for their friend all day. In fact, Missy and Lewis are completely fascinated by the squirrels and all the other birds and it is so nice to know they can watch but, they cannot touch them!

What I found most interesting was the fact that each of them returned to the top of their post and called for the Dove looking at the glass ceiling. It really was precious.

In the News:

Avian Flu is raising its ugly head again. In November, the CDC in the US said that they had record numbers of cases reported in both domestic poultry and wild birds. This time the reports are from Long Island. It could be a very sad year and as we watch the cute little bobbleheads grow up and thrive, we worry about all of the situations they face when they leave their parent’s nest – shootings, rodenticide, lead and other metal toxins, collisions, habitat loss, Avian Flu, food scarcity, on and on. So many of those things we could stop now – outlaw rodenticide and take it and other toxic killers off the shelves, ban lead in fishing, hunting, and military uses, check out galvanised ‘anything’ – after Victor’s near death, I won’t let anything galvanised come near my garden or home. How about illegal nest removal!!!!!!!? We need to do better! Whenever you get the opportunity, let your voice be heard. I am a great believer and live in hope that the voices of the people can help when we join together for a common cause.

At the Nests:

Saturday afternoon the hatch at Berry College for Missy and Pa Berry was really advancing. There was just a bit of a pip last evening.

At 1700 lots of cheeping could be heard. Missy got up off incubation and went to get some food and tried to feed the eaglet that was still half in its shell. She is totally ready to feed this baby!

You can see the little one’s head bobbing around so it is all out but the other end. Congratulations Missy, Pa Berry, and the Berry College Eagle watchers. Welcome to the world B16.

Pa Berry got to see B16 for the first time at 18:04.

Pa Berry really wanted to brood B16 and incubate the egg but, Missy wasn’t having any of it!

Missy and Pa Berry have been together since 2020. Their first chick, B14, died of hypothermia that year and the other egg was not viable. Poor little thing hatched in an incredible snowstorm and got out of the egg cup while Missy was trying to incubate the other egg. The new Mum didn’t know what to do. In 2021 the couple fledged B15, a magnificent eaglet.

Pa Berry had been with Ma Berry, the well known eaglet with the twisted leg, for many years. Ma Berry was seen on the shores of an Alabama lake in January of 2021. Everyone hopes she is alive and well and enjoying retirement today.

B16 had some squirrel for breakfast on Sunday. Pa Berry got incubating time. All is well.

Little CE9 at the Captiva Bald Eagle nest must be wondering what in the world is going on…it is being fed every hour or sooner all day Saturday! Fish juice everywhere from those nice fish Clive has brought in. CE9 has proven itself to be able to eat big bites getting choked on only one piece that I could see. And this little one has climbed out of the egg cup and is up by the rails!!!!!!!! Talk about getting one’s strength through food. Everyone must just be so relieved.

First feeding of the day. 06:56.

Another feeding, a crop, and fish juice. 07:19ish.





Using those wings. 10:52:40


14:24. Has a crawl over to the rim.

At 14:48, Connie actually takes the fish to CE9 at the rim. I am seriously surprised by this…just about slipped out of the chair.

15:08. More food. Back on the other side of the nest.

This is the current condition of the Captiva Bald Eagle nest. CE9 just fell asleep with that nice big crop.

There was another feeding at 17:28 and then time for bed!

As the sun sets on Captiva, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. What a change, an absolute change from a few days ago. Things are looking good!!!!

At the Bald Eagle nest in Webster, Texas, Ringo’s beaking of his tiny sibling had really slowed down. In one feeding, both eaglets had crops at the beginning and little Boots got lots of bites at the beginning. Things are looking up. One day at a time.

Webster, TX copyright Paul W. White 1/21/2023 Both Ringo and Boots already had bulging crops at the start of this feeding. Boots got most of the bites in the first part of this video and all in all he was well fed.

Paul White

Other good feedings on Sunday and Dad brought in yet another fish for the pile.

It is raining in Louisiana. There was a feeding before it started for E01 and E02 at the E3 nest in the Kistachie National Forest. E02 is still a little cautious of its big sibling but, not so afraid that it will not do the snatch and grab to get some fish.

The rain continued. There was a late feeding for the two at 17:51. They both went to sleep with fish in their tummy. Hopefully the weather will give them a break tomorrow.

Two interesting things at the Southwest Florida nest of Harriet and M15. The first is great news. E22’s eyes are perfectly clear!

Second, E21 has been a bit of a stinker at times. Little E22 wants Harriet to feed it quickly before E22 sees and comes to the table. The beaking was such that E22 got 2 feeds. M15 came in once and broke it up and fed the culprit…but the beaking stopped. One always wonders why this happens.

22 got some bites before E21 came over…..I didn’t see a crop on 22. These older chicks are really itchy and grumpy…thankfully there are a lot of fish on this nest and KNF-E3. The feeding position will move…and E22 will get more fish. No worries.

Just look at that!

M15 makes sure there is a lot of fish on the nest for his family. Just look at how many. You can ease up 21. No one is going to starve! Not on Harriet and M15’s watch.

They are rolling the egg that was laid yesterday at Duke Farms.

All continues to be well at the Superbeaks nest in Central Florida. It is almost impossible to imagine that these eaglets are 5 weeks old – heading towards 6 weeks – and they are almost as big as Mum and Dad.

Even big babies like to be fed by Mama.

I spent much time on a couple of nests and, in particular, the Bald eaglets at Captiva. It is so reassuring to see the tide completely changing on that nest. CE9 is getting so strong taking big bites and dealing with them, and has now gotten out of the egg cup. It was nice to see that hatch at Berry College. 22’s eyes are better and while I didn’t touch on them, Gabby and V3 are still together, Jackie and Shadow are fine, and Ron and Rose have mated.

HeidiM shows us their latest shenanigans involving a fish delivery!

For all you Redding Eagle Lovers, Liberty and Guardian were at the nest today working really hard on getting that nest up and in fine shape for eggs. We may see much more of them in the coming days! This is a great nest to watch if you are new at Bald Eagles and by the time the Redding eggs are hatching, the eaglets in SWFlorida will be really and likely fledged.

Now that Diane’s leg appears to be slightly swollen but, much improved, all eyes are on the osprey nest she shares with her mate Jack in St Petersburg. When will we have eggs? HeidiMc brings us some highlights of Jack and Diane’s day. Those are nice fish, Jack – heads on and all.

How successfully I cannot say. They are a riot of a couple. All of you are in love with the Royal Cam chick in NZ and there are so many cute videos of its first feeding. Here is one of those…I know you can watch it several times and still be cooing. These gentle giants of the sea are incredible birds.

Lady Hawk has one with the arrival of the just hatched chick to the nest.

Ranger Sharyn comes to weight the Royal Cam chick by Lady Hawk:

LizM’s feeding of the chick:

@Cornell Hawks posted an image of Big Red and Arthur together this morning. Oh, beautiful. Less than 50 days til the Ospreys arrive in the UK and much less than that til Big Red lays her eggs!

Thank you so much for being with me today. Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their notes, their posts, videos, announcements, tweets, and streaming cams that make up my screen captures: ‘J’, ‘A’, Berry College Eagles FB, Sharon Spampeto Bryant and the Berry College Eagles FB, Berry College Eagle Cam, Window to Wildlife, Webster Texas Eagle Cam FB and Paul White, KNF-E3, SWFL Eagles and D Pritchett, Duke Farms, Superbeaks, Heidi Mc and the WRDC, Redding Bald Eagles, HeidiMc and Achieva Credit Union, Lady Hawk and the NZ DOC, Liz M and the NZ DOC, and @Cornell Hawks.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Good Sunday morning Mary Ann! Thanks for everything here and the kittens are just adorable watching for the pretty dove. I do hope it will come soon. Please let us know. It reminds me of my trip to Turkey. In our family apartment where we stayed mostly while in Istanbul, the birds come to your kitchen windows. Mostly doves and pigeons. I had 2 that came every day. One was more friendly than the other one. I fed them daily and I took many pictures of them. The flower boxes were everywhere too. Especially around the balcony and they came there too.
    They are beautiful birds and I’ll never forget them. One of our family told me they are still coming to the window and they feeds them too.
    Congratulations to Pa Berry and Missy! That was an amazing sight of her feeding the baby still in the shell! I think that’s a first for me!💕. I’m so glad and thankful for the little one at Captiva! Connie and Clive are great parents!
    So glad the little eaglets at Webster Texas are still doing fine. Many prayers were going up for them and maybe now the littlest one can grow it’s new feathers 💕💕. So good about the other nests doing good ! Superbeaks eaglets are really big! What a great nest this is and great parents! Prayers for all the birds that they don’t catch avian flu and all the things you mentioned from the poising and lead. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    This is something very serious that needs upmost attention indeed!
    The little albatross is so cute. They are amazing sea birds. Thank you for posting these videos for us and all the pictures you posted today.
    Looking forward to Big Red and Authur and all the others at Duke Farms !
    Have a good Sunday afternoon Mary Ann and hope to see you again soon here!

    1. Oh, what an amazing site that would be, Linda, to have the doves and pigeons coming to the windows. That would be amazing. We used to have a pair of doves come, years ago, and one of those cats killed one of them. The mate came alone for a couple of years and then we didn’t see it anymore so the presence of this dove was so delightful. — I think we have found a great nest in Superbeaks! And Missy Berry is doing better this year. It seems to take them a few years to figure out how to be a good mother. Thank you so much, Linda, for writing in. I really appreciate your comments and having you be a part of this big bird family we have!

  2. Dear God, Just can’t thank you enough for your blogs. Absolutely love reading them..Can’t believe we feel the same way about so many things concerning the wildlife..The nests I follow are many, Captiva, Port Lincoln & Hellsgate Ospreys/ Pa., Australian & NY falcons / Pa, all Fla, Ca.& many other Eagles nests.Love the Albatross’s and WBSea Eagles..Love watching Deer..TY once again, so very much appreciated

    1. Dear JanMarie, Thank you so much for your letter. I am so glad you enjoy the blogs and have found a place that feels like home. It is my pleasure. I love these birds just like you do! And we all want their health and safety to be respected! Thank you again for writing in! All the best.

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