Little Boots Passed and Harriet is missing?

3 February 2022

There are two news items that you need to be aware.

First, Little Boots has passed peacefully. Thanks ‘H’ for alerting me a few moments ago. I was so hopeful that he would make it. Soar high Little Buddy!

Thank you to everyone who worked so desperately hard to save this baby.

The announcement:

This has been a really rough year. Is it possible that Harriet at the SWFlorida Bald Eagle nest, mate of M15, is no longer with us? She was last seen last evening. Normally, she would be on the attic branches with M15 watching over the babies. She has left for a time but the eaglets are usually older. Here is a text by Lady Hawk and a video. Please send your warmest and most positive wishes to M15 and the Es and Harriet for her safe return.

M15 and the Es await her return. M15 fed the two eaglets this morning.

Thank you to ‘H’ and ‘M’ for the alerts. Thank you to the Wildlife Centre of Texas, SWFlorida Eagles and D Pritchett, and Lady Hawk for their posts, videos, and streaming cams that make up this blog.


  1. Geemeff says:

    Fly high little Boots – so very sorry to hear this news but there is comfort in knowing much was done to preserve that fighting spirit, sadly to no avail.

    Let us hope there will be better news about Harriet. Fingers crossed…

  2. B says:

    oh, this is beyond sad, on both accounts. Please hurry home, Harriet. Hoping for the very best news soon.

  3. Linda Kontol says:

    I’m just so saddened by the lost of baby Boots🙏💕 and the missing of Harriett. 🙏❤️🦅
    Please keep us informed Mary Ann.
    Thank you and have a Good Friday evening

  4. So heartbreaking on both reports. Thank you for keeping us informed, Mary Ann. It is crushing, if something happened to Harriet….

  5. Nancy james says:

    Hopefully Moms not another innocent victim of fishing line. I can’t bear the thought …

    1. Hi Nancy. Fishing line and hooks and gosh, I started making a list with someone the other day. All terrible things out there. I know someone posted an image but the Pritchett’s continue to say when she flew off she did not have a line or sinker so I don’t know…Harriet was or could have been 30 years old. It is possible that she has died of natural causes. Avian Flu seems out of the question because no one else is sick but then, there is also the comment that she flew after an intruder. If that was the case she could be injured or have been killed. Sadly we might never know what happened to beloved Harriet. M15 is definitely doing her proud and those two eaglets sure look like they have a chance to make it.

      1. InstructorRita says:

        Considering if she went after an intruder and lost, then we will never find her, hate to say it, she would have been a meal(s). Sorry

      2. Hi Rita, Thanks so much for your comment. The last statement from SWFL was she had no hook or sinker in her mouth and she flew off and there was an intruder. Yes, you know eagles very well. They can and will fight to the finish especially if there are chicks to protect. I recall Bella, without chicks, really being bloodied and cut. She returned to her nest 21 days later. NCTC. This just doesn’t seem that way. I think if Harriet were injured and could fly she would be at that nest. There is a possibility – although I hate to even state a theory – that she could have simply died of old age. With all the carrion eaters (the vulture eating food put out by outrageous individuals) reminds us that they are about and yes to your last statement.

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