M15 continues to be the hero of the hour!

10 February 2022

Good Evening Everyone,

Like my friend ‘A’ I did not immediately jump up to see if E21 and E22 had been fed. Why? Because I completely trusted that M15 had already been out hunting and had fed his babies well before I even had my first cup of coffee. And he had!

I am writing this at 1441 CDT. There have already been six feedings – and I presume, with a nice fish (just missing a bit of the head for dad) on deck for dinner that there will be at least one more feeding for these babies. They have had fish and rabbit today.

The first feeding was around 07:51:56. E21 ate first. By 08:08, E22 is moving around the nest counterclockwise to get up to Dad’s beak. He gets some fish at 08:09:56. There was some fish left. M15 leaves the nest at 08:14:19.


By 08:09, 22 is around by Dad.

08:13. E22 is eating. 21 is finished.

The second feeding with a new nice fish came at 08:19:08. Yes, you read that right. Less than 5 minutes and Dad is back with another fish! He feeds 22 who winds up with a very nice crop.


08:33. 22 is eating up a storm and 21 decides it might like some more breakfast.

By 08:42, there are some scraps but it is 22 that gets the food.

08:49. Look at that crop on 22!

M15 is very distracted and we will learn that there is an eagle intruder that will even come and land on the nest tree! The feeding finishes at 08:49ish.

Both eagles have been well fed early this morning. Both have crops. Dad did manage some bites. A tail piece and some scraps are left on the nest.

The third feeding is at 09:38 and this appears to involve some left overs to 21 and yet another new fish.

One noticeable change is 1) the quickness of the prey to the nest and 2) the amount of time that Dad is spending with the eaglets in the nest. So thankful that the Pritchett’s stocked that pond and M15 is doing everything he can to protect those babies. I do not want him to engage with an intruder. That could be catastrophic. M15 looks a little tired to me today.

At 10:34, the eaglets are watching Dad in the tree.

At 10:35:47, M15 is back in the nest to feed and eat from the fish brought in at 09:38. Then, all of a sudden, M15 takes off. He is back with a rabbit at 10:40:44 and he feeds 22. There is still a headless fish and rabbit remains on the nest at 10:57.

Feast your eye on 22’s crop…this is before he begins to get fed the rabbit.

At this time you can see people on the church property looking towards the nest tree. Are they also spooking M15? Yes, he is maintaining his hunting and feeding but, he seems agitated and stressed. M15 goes back and forth and back and forth.

On the nest with the babies at 12:02.

He is gone again at 12:42 and back to do some restorations at 13:17. The headless fish and rabbit are still on the nest.

At 14:44, M15 begins feeding the rabbit to the eaglets for their sixth feeding of the day. E21 gets some bites first but 22 is there snatching and grabbing. M15 adjusts himself and feeds 22. At 14:52 E22’s crop is so big it is a wonder he can move. M15 eats some. They love their rabbit!

E22 might have been shy earlier but, he is becoming very bold – at least when there is rabbit to be eaten!

It’s 16:46 and E22’s crop is still about to pop.

Cuddle Buddies…17:14.

Shortly after, at 17:21, Dad is in the nest with the last feeding of the day. It is rabbit dinner. Both 21 and 22 are so full that eating seems more like a chore. They are definitely not ravenous. Let us all hope then that M15 will eat that entire rabbit. He needs to eat himself! And he is.

At 1730 M15 moves over to the fish and again attempts to try and feed his two eaglets who are already full.

M15 ate the tail. Yahoo….and there is still fish left! It is 17:41.

M15 looks around…the rabbit has been eaten, the scraps of fish on the nest are eaten and there is still a fish without its head. Tomorrow’s breakfast or a late night snack?

Can you see 22’s crop? This eaglet is so full it simply cannot move…well, OK, it can hardly move.

As you may be able to tell, I am simply overwhelmed with the care that M15 is giving to these eaglets. He is ensuring that 22 gets to eat often to the point that we might worry if 21 needs to have some more! I have not seen any animosity. This nest is thriving and the eaglets are growing before our eyes. There is still a headless fish on the nest and some scraps!

M15 flies off at 17:44. Is he still hunting? is he chasing intruders? Stay safe Dad, those eaglets need you.

Sleep well M15, E21 and E22.

Thank you to SWFlorida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    He is really an awesome Dad Mary Ann!
    Thanks for covering all their feedings and the way the little one handles things. It has really been a Blessing!❤️💕💕
    I still can’t believe Harriett is gone. It’s all so strange. Not even a feather found.
    Did she go after an intruder and they locked talons somewhere? Did she leave and get injured and couldn’t come back? Did she just know it’s her time or she just couldn’t handle anymore?
    I wonder if M15 knows or if he is still
    Waiting for her ? I wonder what the little eaglets think ? It’s all speculation but I can’t help but keep praying for her return. It was so hard to loose Romeo
    And Juliette and then we lost their son Samson and we also lost The First Lady and Pa Decorah the same way ….
    All went missing…..None have ever been found. But with Harriett having new baby eaglets it’s a different feeling for
    to me. That’s why I keep praying
    She’s out there somewhere and may come back if it’s Gods will.

    1. M15 doesn’t call Harriet like he did…those calls were so sad. My sources that I ask tell me that eagles are like all other animals. When they know they are dying they want to go somewhere alone and quiet, often deep in the bush. ‘A’ also confirms this for eagles. She could have been injured in a territorial fight…it certainly seems there are intruders about. But, the truth is, we will never know. She has not been in an accident or someone would have known. I hope she is soaring high, looking down on M15 and the babies with a big eagle smile.

      1. Janet says:

        I hereby officially and openly apologize to M15, for wanting to take his baby E22 away from him. I was wrong and I should have trusted his magnificent father and protector skills.

      2. Me, too!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Janet. We all worried. I am so glad that the wildlife services did not act quickly. No one was injured…and wow. Isn’t he marvellous? of course it does not always turn out this way. A reminded me that at the MN-DNR nest last year Nancy had issues and there was a siblicide…

  2. Alison says:

    It’s an absolute joy to see this pair lolling on the rails, being best buddies again. They had such a fantastic fraternal friendship until the food shortage brought out E21’s somewhat nasty side. So it’s great to watch them back to where they were, side by side at the table, with the arrival of food no longer prompting E21 to suddenly turn into Zoe while E22 cowers in fear.

    I am firmly of the view that we have a pair of brothers here – neither is big enough or mean enough to be a female, I think, and the size difference between them is minimal. As long as M15 is in charge of this nest, I am confident these eaglets will continue to be well fed and protected. Trust the eagles, as I keep hearing people say. Well, this particular eagle certainly can be trusted. What an amazing dad.

    1. It certainly is Alison. Even when they are hungry – 21 didn’t get anything this morning, the fear and the animosity is gone. 21 just sensed that food was scarce. I am glad that things are stabilising. It is a lovely sight to see!

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