11 minutes and 52 seconds of terror at the SWFlorida Nest

19 February 2022

The SW Florida Bald Eagle nest of M15 and E21, and E22 was under attack on Sunday, the 19th of February, by the Visiting Female with the necrotic talon.

The adult female Bald Eagle with the necrotic talon on the branches was in the nest earlier. M15 was able to get her off the nest. This resulted from the delivery of a very large whole fish at 13:46.

M15 prepares to feed the eaglets. He is aware of the female on the branch above the nest. E21 gets some nice bites, and even 22 did his snatch and grab. What was fascinating was that 22 stole the fish from Dad, which resulted in M15 toppling over a bit and taking the fish back from 22. 22 is hungry! And 22 is also resourceful!

The following video documents that terrifying time on the SWFlorida Bald Eagle nest of M15 and the Es. Today’s situation in the nest was dangerous because this much larger female could kick M15 off the nest. She attacks E22 three times when he tries to get the fish. She eats every scrap and leaves.

Thank you to the SWFlorida Bald Eagles and D Pritchett for their streaming cam where I took this video.


  1. Mario says:

    Hi Mary Ann, well I guess a precedent was just set. M15 will probably have to feed all three of them in addition to himself. This female is not going away, and in my opinion it’s not just because of food. It’s the female that decides who she wants, and this female wants M15 as a mate and provider. If M15 wants to keep his nest he will have to eventually accept her.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    She needs to Go! It’s getting worse and she is very large and dangerous! Just like I have been worried about her being there and might have injured Harriett may be the reason she is injured too. I don’t know how they can do it but I hope they get her captured and removed or put in rehab, or the little chicks taken into care. I pray she doesn’t attack M15! 🙏
    Thanks Mary Ann!

  3. B says:

    Sad and terrifying. Prayers for 21, 22, and M15. Wishing the intruder female would just go away, but I don’t see how that would happen, since she will be relying on M15 for food. (Which may be all that saves M15, that she needs him.)
    Watch carefully, little ones, and learn — this is a sign of what you could be up against once out on your own.

    1. That is so true…I notice that 22 is a bit of a dare devil with the female, and, of course, 22 is self-feeding and stealing whole fish from dad from under its tail. They are certainly getting a good education for the rest of their lives. You are so right!

  4. Alison says:

    The part that continues to astonish me is that the Es seem to automatically assume any adult on the nest is there to feed them. Even after this female had kicked both E21 and E22, and had attempted to beak E22 twice, E22 continued to approach her in search of bites of food from her. Why do they not recognise her as a danger, especially once she has attacked them?

    The major danger is to M15, whom she attacked quite fiercely early in the clip. Luckily, he decided discretion was the better part of valour and left her the fish rather than risk an injury to himself. She is a large bird and she is desperate to eat. Smart move, M15.

    I do not believe the fact that he allowed her to eat on the nest means M15 has accepted her. He just decided fighting her on this occasion was too dangerous. He will defend the Es but otherwise avoid tangling with her. He is not thinking about a mate at this point. He is still bonded to Harriet and his primary concern is seeing their eaglets safely through to fledge. Then and only then, he may consider a new partner. I do agree, though, that M15 is used to living with a very bossy female…

    1. According to all the wise eagle people who have taught me over the years, the eaglets only see their parents as food delivery people also. So, yes…any adult on the nest is a potential ‘prey feeder’. — And yes, he is going to pick his battles carefully so as not to get injured. He has two babies to fledge! You are spot on, Alison.

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