DH19 is fed

6 April 2023

Yesterday the cameras were down at Dale Hollow and it was raining at a point. ‘A’ was worried but she sends this report which I want to get out to everyone as it is good news:

Just an update on Dale Hollow: I have now been able to definitely confirm that while the cameras were down yesterday at Dale Hollow, some locals were still able to see through a local connection. There were at least half a dozen, perhaps a dozen, of the chatters who answered my queries about the 12.47 fish yesterday. There was no footage of it, which would explain why I could neither find nor confirm it. The chatters have told me that the fish was not a large one but that DH19 got nearly all of it. River landed as close to DH19 as she could, using her body as a block so that she could get the food to DH19. Knowing that it ate that fish yesterday, and that for some reason DH18 has dramatically toned down the aggression, means that I am feeling more hopeful. Of course DH19 still needs to eat today, but it is a proficient self-feeder and as I read yesterday, the rain is not nearly as big an impediment to fishing as we are led to believe – not nearly as much as gusty winds or heat. Rain is not a major problem to them at all, according to what I read. So although it has been wet this morning (and the eaglets are soaking wet but starting to dry out a bit now), River can fish. She has until now been preoccupied by an intruder but seems to be quiet at this point so may have headed off to fish. We hope so. 

Both 18 and 19 started the feeding of the fish head leftovers this morning in submission, but towards the end of the feeding, 18 did get some bites. Nobody bonked 19, and it did consider moving to the table but didn’t – its submission was voluntary and it was looking over its shoulder, not staying tucked. So already today, the behaviour at the one relatively short feeding so far was different. I am hoping 19 will gain confidence now 18 has stopped trying to murder it (let’s not speak too soon there, of course, but so far, yesterday afternoon and this morning have definitely been better for the little one in terms of the attacks. There have been a few isolated beakings but no attacks today at all. That has got to be affecting 19’s confidence a little bit, and it seems that it is. Pray that it continues. 

Thank you ‘A’! This is fantastic news.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh thank you so much Mary Ann for this update! So thankful DH19 is eating and things are better. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying it continues.
    Have a good evening and see you soon on here , hopefully with more good news!

    1. I wish I could say that for today. The little one wants to live…little food on the nest. It is raining and only the oldest ate that I can see. 19 pecking at an old carcass. So sad.

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