Mr O is home…A bit more Sunday news in Bird World

30 July 2023

Hello Everyone!

A couple of items!

First PB just wrote to tell me that Mr O is back on the nest with Louise at Fortis Exshaw. He is fighting off intruders but what a relief!

Also Blue NC0. I need to correct something that I said that is misleading. The Scottish Wildlife Trust has not officially acknowledged that Blue NC0 is dead. Indeed, they have said the opposite in their public announcements. My information came from someone close to the Loch whose name I will not mention because these issues are always very touchy.

It is, however, highly unusual for Blue NC0 to be away this long for her spa days and it was early – the 15th of July – for her to leave for migration. We wait.

Thanks PB! And Fortis Exshaw for your cam!


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks for the updates Mary Ann! it’s so good to know both are there and ok!
    Have a good Sunday!

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