Late Sunday and early Monday in Bird World

It is raining this morning. The three juvenile Ospreys at the Foulshaw Moss Nest are drenched this morning. Blue 35 left a piece of fish on the nest. Wonder if she is watching for self-feeding action? And will she make certain that Little Tiny Bob is fed?

This amazing and uplifting story of how an entire village intervened when Mama Stork was electrocuted. They fed the chicks and Father Stork three times a day until Father Stork could look after the storklings on his own. Now just look at them! Just puts a smile on your face – it always does when help is allowed! At the Mlade Buky White Stork nest, fledging will occur in 1-2 weeks.

There is also good news coming out of the Fortis Alberta Red Deer Osprey Nest. It was originally feared that all three chicks would perish during the recent extreme heatwave hitting the area, along with a series of thunderstorms and torrential rain. But there is one surviving chick! It just feels like a miracle.

As we know, it can be tricky at this point in a chick’s life. Wet weather can also cause hypothermia. That is what was seen at the Urdaibai Biosphere Park Osprey’s nest that took the lives of the two seemingly healthy chicks. Keep sending warm wishes toward Red Deer for this sweet little one.

And poor Tiny Tot. She returned to the nest after dark, probably from all the loud fireworks! Wonder when the celebrations will shift to fireworks that do not make noise? Seriously, all of the animals suffer, not just the birds. Family pets are susceptible to loud booms. Tiny isn’t on the nest as I write this, been and gone. Tiny, I hope you are eating some fish where we can’t see you.

We continue to watch Elsa. Already the local weather reports for St Petersburg, Florida, are calling for rain most of the beginning of the week. I knew that Tiny Tot had one feeding, but one of my readers, ‘S,’ notes that he actually had two fish fairly close together late in the evening. That is fantastic! Thanks, Jack! Keep it up. The news this morning is that Elsa wants to make landfall in the Tampa Bay Area. A state of emergency has been declared in South Florida, and they are saying that it is the heavy rain that is the problem. Tiny Tot, Harriet, and M15 in Fort Myers, the Captiva Nest are all within the area that this storm seems intent on landing. Send warm, positive energy their way.

Thanks for joining me this morning. This is a concise report. I will be checking on the storm throughout the day and any other news in Bird World. Take care all.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screenshots: Achieva Osprey, Fortis Alberta, Mlady Burky, and Cumbria Wildlife.


  1. TinyToefan says:

    Hello, have you watched live cameras on Youtube as a Finnish osprey? Here is Satakunta Ospreys nest number # 3 a family of ospreys, Ilomantsi Ospreys is a natural nest and there is a family, as well as Paltamo Ospreys is also a family of osprey. Thank you for your writings and happy summer! ps. We have over 10 osprey livecameras here in Finland but unforunately this year there is very much unluck in nests.

    1. Thank you TinyToefan for your letter and for encouraging me to check out your Ospreys. I will definitely put those Finnish Ospreys on my radar! I am only aware of the sadness at one of them but have not watched consistently. Much appreciated. Enjoy the sujjmer. Stay safe.

  2. Salliane says:

    Well Tumbles did return to the nest around 4-ish in the morning. She remained until 8:52;17am(EST) and that was the last time she was at the nest. 🙁 We on the chat are so sad and feel this was her way to say “goodbye” and headed out to safety from the TS

    Between 9 and 905a(EST) an adult O appeared and after carefully looking at him, I feel certain it was Jack.

    More drama started at 12:22:26pm with the arrival of Jack on the nest followed by a female. Jack seemed to tolerate her presence but by 12:49pm Jack chases her off the nest. Jack leaves at 12:5:47pm

    By late afternoon it was a mix of winds and it is currently peaceful at this time 8:47pm(EST)

    I hope Jack, Diane and all the Achieva chicks make it through this storm….especially prayers for Tumbles. I hope after this storm passes, Tumbles and Jack will reappear…just to give us comfort they are okay.

    Prayers for those other wildlife and residents of Florida.

    At Cowlitz, Electra didn’t spend the night at the nest but was on/off during the day. I am guessing but around 3pm she came to the nest with a “whale” almost as long as she from beak to tail. She was very hungry and tore into the fish and remained on the nest until she was half done with it; she took off with the half eaten fish and has not returned to the nest since.

    Good things happening at Patuxent Nest 2 with the rehomed chick. It is getting along well with the resident family. Yay.

    Have a great evening.

    PS Tumbles was born on March 5th…so she is 4 months old Wow.

    1. Yes, four months old today! Thank you so much for all of the timestamps of Tiny’s coming and going. It is so appreciated, Sallianne. I did see Electra with that whopper. I posted it in my blog but felt so sad. Those babies would have survived if fish like that had been brought onto that nest. There have been so many positive interventions with the Ospreys. Patuxent 2 is an excellent example of what can be done. There is another baby that I am following. The nest caught on fire. It has smoke inhalation damage to its lungs but is on pain meds and oxygen therapy, and then the chicks from the interior of BC. You have probably heard that Osprey chicks do not do well when they are taken into care. I believe that is another myth that is going to be busted about them. It appears they do quite well. Did you follow the Port Lincoln Nest? Until Solly with her tracker, the researchers there or those studying Ospreys in Australasia believed that the chicks stayed very close to their nest. I am so glad that Tiger Mozone convinced PLO to get trackers on the chicks. Because Solly went so far from the nest to establish her home at Eba Anchorage, that myth is not busted, too. We learn things every day, but I hope these positive interventions will encourage others to take the osprey chicks into care if needed. Salliane, I know that we wanted Elsa to stay to the West. I will be watching the cone of this storm as it approaches with all of you and hoping beyond hope that our dear Tiny will make an appearance on the nest so that we can see she is alright. No one will have any fingernails left. Again, thank you so much.

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