Osprey chick falls off nest at Patuxent River Nest 2

Every Osprey Streaming Cam (or, for that matter, any wildlife streaming cam) should be required to post an emergency number. There should be one for normal daytime hours and an emergency number. Why?

This evening at 7:15 Eastern time, one of the three chicks at the Patuxent River Park Osprey Nest 2 fell into the water! These chicks cannot fly, and it is unclear to me how they are to float or swim after dropping from the height of the nest. This is the nest where an additional foster chick was placed just yesterday.

I was approached by a friend. ‘S,’ trying to find a number to call because the regular park office had just closed. So, here is the emergency Wildlife number for Maryland, everyone. 1-410-8888. This is actually a fish and game issue, but the nice young man on that emergency number put the calls through to them. Thank you! So this is a shout-out to all these streaming cams – many, many times, your citizen birders see an incident first. Put an emergency number there so they can call without wasting time and perhaps the animal’s life.

There is another issue at hand. What is the regulation for the size of an Osprey nest over water? We all know that nest sizes vary, but what should the size accommodate three growing, almost fledging chicks and two parents?

I urge you to write, e-mail, or phone the steaming cams that you watch and encourage them to include an emergency 24-hour number on their YouTube channel.

So very sorry to be bringing this news to you. I hope that there is a good ending to what well could be another horrible tragedy in this year’s ospreys. Thank you for caring.

Thank you to the Patuxent River Park Osprey Cam 2, where I took my screenshot, and to the young man at the Wildlife Emergency Services in Maryland who took my phone call seriously and acted.


  1. Mail! says:

    Mary Ann the people are there at the nest now. 

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  2. Mail! says:

    MaryAnn the chick is back in the nest.  Soaking wet but they saved its life. 🙏❤️  Prayers answered

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    1. Yes. All of the prayers were answered and everyone on the chat saying something happened caught someone’s attention. I just did a posting. Salliane (S Shen) got thanked. She has eagle eyes! I am so glad that all of the people took this seriously and went out. The wildlife officer told me they can swim but if they ingest too much water then it is bad. So – a great day. Tiny Little fledged and this one was rescued. Can you imagine – it fell out of a silo and then fell off a nest. I hope it doesn’t fall anymore! All of you are so wonderful.

  3. Salliane says:

    It is 512am (EST) at the nest. I wanted to check in and see how the chick was doing. Temperature currently 73F which is fine…at least no rain. It hasn’t moved very much from the 9 o clock edge of the nest. I believe it is mom standing at the opposite side of the nest which the 2 other chicks are lying between them, facing the cam

    What a way to have drama in the afternoon that started with Burky4 saying there was only 2 chicks on the Patuxent Nest2!

    I believe it was the silo chick that fell into the water. What “luck” to be standing on a branch that rolled under its talons, causing it to lurch forward and into the water. You could here the “kerplop” as it contacted the water. That happened around 712pm(EST) It was amazing to see the adult and the other 2 chicks staring in unison over the nest edge at the chick.

    At 717pm, you could hear a strange croaking sound. I could only guess it was the chick gulping some water. Horrors.

    I sent you an email about the incident; then searched the internet for any contact numbers. I found Tom O’Connell, director of the USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center (EESC). His business number went to voice mail which INCLUDED his cell!! Yay. I was able to text him and he gave the phone numbers for the 24 hour a day Natural REsources Emergency or Assitance.
    Mary, he was terrific and he did post on the Achieva chat room.

    He is going to post something on their Facebook page next week sharing the story and extend thanks to me by name. I texted him and explained this was a team effort by many concerned O lovers…I even mentioned their chat room names, too. I also credited Barnegat Light chat.
    Teamwork to get the chick saved….yay. A definite high 5 to all 🙂

    Mr O’ Connell will try and find out who were the 2 individuals that did the rescue.

    At 912pm(EST) the soaked silo chick was “tossed back at the 7 o clock edge of the nest and it walked over to the 9 o clock side and hasn’t moved.

    What may be worrisome if it gulped water, but it is now 532am and it is looking dry and moved to the 7 o clock edge, facing to the inside of the nest.
    Sunrise is at 6am(EST) and a brand new day…hopefully no more drama.

    IF it is the silo chick, it is a lucky osprey…first falling out of the silo and now the nest into the water.

    I am going to bed. It is 1136am(HST) I need rest that was tense for a while…I hope this chick stays away from nest edges for a while, at least.
    538am(EST) it is facing the cam and seems to be doing okay.

    Here is the link to the facebook if you want to see what will be written next week:


  4. Salliane says:

    That is a great suggestion especially for those cams that do not have a chat room.

    Will spread the word…This is applicable to any cam…Kudos, Mary 🙂


  5. marceylynn says:

    So happy to hear the baby is back in the nest. Thanks to everyone involved in the rescue.
    I heard about it when some got on explore.org, a site that I watch the ospreys of multiple nest. But will be adding these nest to my list for sure.
    Thanks everyone
    Marcey Strom (pens fan)

    1. Hi Macey. Thank you so much for writing. It is lovely to hear from you. It is positively wonderful that the baby is back in the nest. In many ways, this is a bit of a miracle. So happy that the Wildlife folks in Maryland got lots of calls. I am hoping the chick is just in shock from all of the stress and will be upon its legs and about soon. I am encouraging everyone to find out the emergency numbers to call if there is no dedicated chat moderator who can contact the right individuals if someone sees an emergency. Since you are watching several, maybe begin making your own list. And thank you ahead of time. These should be on every nest cam. Check out the UK Osprey nests also if you aren’t watching already. All the best…M

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