Tiny Little makes second flight!

This will be a concise posting. Today my hair will be getting a makeover for the first time since November – or was it August of 2020?

There is great news. Tiny Little (aka Little Bob) on the Foulshaw Moss took her second flight at 13:34 on 21 August. Polly Turner caught the action:

Earlier, around 8:20, Tiny Little’s crop was concave, as it is in the picture above. White YW landed on the nest with a stick. Stayed a couple of seconds and flew to land on the top of the parent tree in the background. Tiny Little got antsy. You could just feel that she wanted to fly, too.

Congratulations, Tiny Little! Let’s get those wings to working hard before you have to start your migration.

Ferris Akel has posted the highlights for his 17 July tour. Here is that link:

In other Osprey news, Osprey House in Brisbane, Australia had their first hatch on 14:58 on 20 July and their second hatch at 7:05:54. That is only forty hours apart. Well done. There is no streaming cam, but they do have a FB page if you are interested.

Thank you for popping in and joining me. Have a wonderful day. I will be back with a full report of the nests early this evening.

Thank you to the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust and Foulshaw Moss Osprey Nest for their streaming cam, where I grabbed my screenshots.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Congratulations to Tiny Little (aka little Bob) ! I knew he could do it again!
    Good to hear about the Australia nest in Brisbane. I’ll check the Facebook. Thanks Mary Ann for this info! Thanks also for the link to Ferris Amelia tour.
    Looking forward to the evening newsletter. Thank you again Mary Anne

  2. Salliane says:

    lots of wingersizing at Patuxent 2. Apparently they don’t like the rain. if you can catch it, roll back to 1:44pm and the cam pulled back giving a broader view of the nest.

    i can understand now why the silo chick had to be :tossed: into the nest. At 133pm…it looks like high tide.


    1. I will go and try and do that now. Thank you, Salliane! It was sure nice seeing the little Collins Marsh chick with a drop. — It is funny. I was like “They tossed Silo Chick”. I imagine it was hard in the boat and suspect the bird didn’t want to be handled. That was a great rescue.

    2. Hi Salliane. I got a letter from Katharine at Patuxent. They have put the park’s e-mail at the bottom of the information to the cam. It is only good during normal office hours – which means that no one gets it. We need an ’emergency number like the local Wildlife Rescue. Once I checked I fixed my blog to state that. For some reason, it appears that we are wanting personal numbers which is not correct. So I am writing back and you might want to also suggest an emergency number for after-hours.

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