As the Nest Turns 10 August

Ranger Sharyn Broni of the NZ DOC confirms there had to be adjustments made to the data coming in about Tiaki. She is on the headland -probably down the hill – and has not left!

Tiaki is 230 days old today. She is definitely in the range for fledging. Let us all hope she comes back up the hill so that we can see her take off on this amazing adventure – her life.

The Juvenile Green Heron was still south of my city on a small river fishing this morning. I am hoping that he might still be there this evening. While Blue Herons are common in my province, a Green Heron is a very rare bird. It has created much excitement in the birding community here. A friend sent me an image from early this morning. Isn’t this a lovely bird?

Ever wondered about those beautiful lochs in Scotland where the Osprey live? My bucket list includes a trip to Loch Arkaig – the home of Louis and Aila and now Louis and Dorcha. Louis and Aila sealed my love for Ospreys when they took such good care of little JJ7, The Captain, last year. Someone posted a link to a video and it is grand. I want to share it with you. It is a quick trip around Loch Arkaig — the scenery is beautiful.

Today has been the day of sharing. My friend ‘N’ sent me the link to an article about parrots. I wish I knew more about these lovely birds other than seeing them as food for our raptors in Australia! Have a read! (I do hope you can open it!).

In other bird news. The wait is on for the first hatch at the Port Lincoln Osprey barge. This will be followed by the Orange and Melbourne peregrine falcons towards the end of the month. The sea eagles are doing well. Jean-Marie Dupart who works at Nature et Oiseaux Senegal posted the images of the first two Ospreys to reach the shores of Senegal this year. If you want to have a look at some stunning avian images, check out Jean-Marie’s FB page! You do not have to be a friend to enjoy the variety of wildlife in Senegal. It appears that Aran has finally departed the Glaslyn Valley and started his migration. There has been no positive sighting of Iris and we await confirmation that she is still in Missoula or has left for her winter home.

We are being blessed with beautiful weather. In years past, there was always a frost in Manitoba in August but not this year. All of the flowers are still blooming. Indeed, my Hibiscus which has out performed any of the others has lots of new buds. One of them opened this morning. So happy to wake up and see that beauty in the middle of September.

Take care everyone. Have a great Friday. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cam where I took my screen shot: Cornell Bird Lab and the NZ DOC. Thank you to ‘N’ and ‘B’ who sent me the article and the photo. I really appreciate these.


  1. Salliane says:

    Seems like Tiaki wants to check out the surroundings and she is easily spotted by her parents.

    So how many varieties of hibiscus do you have? Hawaii as a plethora of them in different colors and shapes!
    Parrots can eat these flowers, too, but I never tried it with my own parrots. LOL

    1. So glad she is still with us – for a few days anyway. I will have to check and see if there is a label. They had different colour blossoms at the greenhouse and two varieties only – one with these huge blooms and another with smaller ones. I would love to be in a place where they were native and thrived year-round like yours must. Thanks for commenting, Salliane.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    The hibiscus flowers are beautiful! Thank you Mary Ann for the lovely photos. So glad Tiaki hasn’t left yet and we get to see her so,e more before she leaves. The video was so exciting with the deer. Have a good evening and I look forward to the next newsletter!

    1. You are welcome. Linda, this hibiscus should not be doing well and they are thriving. The climate is changing so much. I am tempted to plant it in the garden over the winter and see if it will live. Why not? Glad you enjoyed Loch Arkaig. I thought that person did a fine job of showing the wild. Take care! Thanks for commenting, Linda.

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