Sea change for Little Bob

People were thinking that Little Bob was days behind Big and Middle Bob. It was only 51 hours hatch difference between Big and Little. Today, it is hard to tell them apart. They are a pile of black reptilian creatures. Precious still.

Yesterday there were six feedings on the Port Lincoln Osprey Nest: 06:10, 08:39, 12:25, 16:20 17:03, and 18:25. Everyone had crops.

All are doing fine. Yes, Big Bob does want to try to throw her weight around on occasion but, so far Mum has sat on them before it could get bad. I just hope Little Bob learns to protect its neck!

Today, the first feeding is just finishing. The golden rays of the sun fall on Mum and Dad as he delivers the fish at 6:37:35. Thanks, Dad! This is the best way to start off the day!!!

It is 11 degrees C and the wind is blowing at 19 kph. That is up 8 from yesterday. I do wonder if Dad fishes better in choppy weather???? It doesn’t make sense but, hey…he brought in lots of fish when there were white caps and the winds hit 34 kph and less when the wind is below 11 kph. I wonder what is up with all of that??

You can, for the moment, still recognize him a bit. Little Bob is lighter and he is turned around ready to jump over Big Bob to get to be first in line.

Now notice Little Bob’s crop. It is very big this morning but he is going to drop it. The food that he was holding in store will now be processed making room for his breakfast.

With all of the talk and the reactions of Big Bob wanting to dominate, Little Bob got to eat first.

And Little bob is still eating! This little osplet is not shy when it comes to fish.

It is such a relief to see a fish land on the nest so early in the morning. Hopefully this will set the tone for the entire day. All of the chicks are entering the rapid growth period. They will double their size – and by tomorrow, Little Bob will be black. You will really have to look hard to tell which one he is. I don’t know about you but Little Bob looks almost as big as the chick on the right. Maybe it is the camera playing tricks on us. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping in today. Everything seems to be on hold. The Bald Eagles in Florida are working on their nests, 367 Collins Street falcons are still incubating eggs as are Diamond and Xavier. The WBSE 27 and 28 are growing and growing and seem to be getting along fine. Tiaki has fledged. Birds are migrating all over the world. It was a really beautiful day on the prairies.

Take care. See you soon.

Thanks to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thankyou so much Mary Ann! All the pics of the PLO’s littles are so good and so good to see them all getting darker and little bitty doing so good too! 🙏💕🙏💕💕.
    Thanks for the info on all the other nests too!
    Have a good evening!
    I’ll be looking forward to the new newsletter

    1. Oh, you are so welcome. Thank you, Linda! The hatch difference time said that Little Bob would be dark today but sometimes it is hard to imagine it happening. A little bald spot yesterday and look at today! I think this little one is a corker. He sure has to be up there with the fish. Fingers crossed they continue to do well without much beaking!

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