Fastest on the planet

The arrival of the fourth eyas at the 367 Collins Street Peregrine Falcon nest took everyone by surprise. Looking carefully, viewers proclaimed a fourth head bobbing about – and they were right. I have no idea when during the night this little one entered the world but all are happy. Parents are busy brooding and feeding!

“Wake up everyone. You have to eat some more pigeon so you will grow big and strong.”

Wakey, wakey!!!!!!

“But, Dad, we just ate. That doesn’t matter darling. Your mother told me to feed you often so no one is hungry.”

“That’s right. Open wide.”

Some of the eyases have their eyes open today.

Ah, beautiful mom with her four babies tucked under her.

Those four little fluff balls will become the fastest animal on the planet. They can fly 390 kmh. The chicks will become ‘flying predators’. It is hard to imagine but before we blink, they will have fledged. Their parents feed them til they can hunt successfully. Then Mum and Dad will do what all birds of prey do – send the kids out on their own to establish their own territory. As far as Dr Victor Hurley, head of the Victorian Peregrine Falcon Project, knows, this couple is the only one in downtown Melbourne. Imagine.

Peregrine falcons were used for hunting in the medieval era. In England, they were called ‘falcon gentle’. Frederick II (1194-1250, Holy Roman Emperor, rated the peregrine falcon as being as good as the best gyrafalcon. Peregrine falcons are 35-51 cm long and have a wingspan of 79-114 cm. The females weigh 740 grams to 1.3 kilos while the smaller male is from 550-750 grams. English kings used the peregrine falcon for hunting herons, cranes, ducks, and rooks.

Here is a great video (8 minutes) about the falcons.

To test the speed of a peregrine falcon against a new generation of electric racing cars, a contest was set up. Have a look:

It is such a privilege for us to be able to watch these four chicks grow into masters of the skies. I love falcons!

Updating news on the Port Lincoln Ospreys. Dad brought in a late night feed yesterday at 18:24:55. He had another fish on the nest this morning early, at 6:09:52. Those three are doing just fine!

Thank you for joining me today. Why don’t you check in on the falcons? Here is the link:

Take care everyone! Tomorrow I will introduce you to some of the visitors to the garden today.

Thank you to 367 Collins Street Falcons by Mirvac where I took my screen shots.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann! It’s so heartwarming to know the 4 eyases arrived and is doing well! It’s marvelous to have 4 ! Glad to know
    The little PLO’s are thriving too!
    Have a great evening and we look so forward to tomorrow’s updates and newsletter!

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