It is 4 little falcons for Melbourne!

I don’t know when the hatch happened. It has been quite the day around here. Every once in awhile birds will fall down our chimney. It is a huge effort when this happens to get them out of the house safely. It is also a reminder to have the chimney person come and check. The cover must be rusted and gone. It has been three years since the last incident.

But, that is not why you are here! Dad came to check on the babies.

I want you to look very carefully. There are four of them at this feeding. The fourth hatched during the night. Well done Mom and Dad!

And do not worry. They all eat. By instinct they hold up their heads with beaks open. They will begin to eat bigger pieces. Indeed, the one on the left gets a few nice sized bites today. These are experienced parents. They have been on this ledge raising eyases successfully for the past five years (the same couple). Falcons have been breeding on this Brutalist building with its ledges since the 1990s. Sadly, the new glass buildings only cause birds to fly into them not nest upon them.

Oh, this is just wonderful. Four. Dad you will need a stash of pigeons!

Thank you for stopping by for this quick announcement. It is so exciting. BTW. The Guardian is holding its Australian Bird of the Year voting. The falcons are still in contention. If you don’t know about it, Google Australian Bird of the Year contest and vote for your favourite.

Thank you to the 367 Collins Street by Mirvan where I took my video clips.

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