The following was posted on the Sea Eagle FB Page. I took a screen shot of the entire entry to share the good news with you. Thanks so much to Rohan Geddes for getting those great images.

Lady and Dad roost on the Parramatta River near to the Discovery Centre. I have put the red pushpin at the location of the Discovery Centre. You can see the Parramatta River just at the end of the walk. Many who visit the area have coffee along the river (see Orange Cafe sign) and watch the sea eagles if they are roosting.

This is just great news. Such a relief.

These are such challenging times for these juveniles. They have to get their flying – and as the poster says – their landing – under control while still navigating to get food from the parents. The fact that 27 is so close to the river shows great promise.

There has been only a glimpse of 28 and it is unclear if that was the one on the afternoon of the fludge or later. Send them both lots of positive wishes.

Just a couple of other mentions. The Collins Street Four are on the move. They were out of sight of the camera yesterday. Do not worry! They are running along the gutter to the other end exploring. Yesterday one started and all the others followed!

Yarruga continues to eat and grow stronger. Yesterday it was almost standing upright!

The Port Lincoln osplets had fish at 06:25, 12:56, 14:16 (Mum brought fish in), 17:32 was a fish tail, and 19:24. Here is a peek at that last feeding of the day:

Thank you for joining me this morning for this update on the WBSE fledglings. It is sunny and cold, 2 degrees C, on the Canadian Prairies. There are a few Slate-grey Juncos hanging on but the garden is fairly quiet this morning. I wonder if there will be any Canada Geese landing this evening? If so, I hope to get some good images for you. Take care all. Stay safe.

Thank you to the Sea Eagle FB where I took a screen capture of the posting of WBSE 27 and to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project and the 367 Collins Street Falcons by Mirvac for their streaming cams where I took my screen shots.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thank you very much for the update on the sea eagles and the photos! I do pray for them both. 🙏
    I wish they could have been together so that has me worried since 28 was only seen after the fledge that when it fell I pray it was injured and needing help somewhere. 🙏 I wonder if anyone has checked there for 28. That is really funny that the 4 Collins Street falcons are running up and down the gutter to the other end😂🤣. They look so cute in the photo! 💕💕💕💕 Thank you for it and the update! Little Yurruga is so adorable in the photo and does look like he/she is standing up💕
    The PLO’s are so beautiful! All 3 are so big now and thank you for the great photo of them eating!❤️❤️❤️
    Have a great Sunday afternoon and we will be looking for the pics of the geese if you can get some too!
    Take care and have fun! Linda

    1. Hi Linda. You are so welcome. It is my pleasure.
      There are only a few people with the authority to into the forest near to the Ironbark Tree where the nest is. Ranger Judy Harrington said, the other day, that they would not be going into the forest to look for 28. I personally know several people who are looking around the area as best they can – the edge of the forest, the water, etc. for any sighting of 28. At one point, on the afternoon of the fludge, it was reported that both birds were mobile and flying so that is good news. But nothing since of 28. If it flew into the salt marsh people might not see it. Fingers crossed for geese tonight. It is the last night of the organized goose flight watching so there could be lots or not very many!

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