PLO osplets to be ringed week of 8 November

There are some rumours going around that during the week of 8 November the three osplets at the Port Lincoln Osprey barge will be ringed. At the same time, they will be measured and given names. There is also a rumour that only one sat-pak will be used again this year. At one time, I had heard that PLO had been given approval for three. There is also a rumour that Middle Bob will be getting that sat-pak.

Picking Middle Bob for the sat pak, if true, is an interesting choice. At the beginning, Big Bob tried to be the dominant bird. Her beakings were thwarted by Little Bob who became the dominant bird on the nest. Big and Middle Bob typically hangout together. Little Bob is a bit of a loner. Normally two females will not pair up. (Big and Middle could both be males or a male and a female). So is the thinking that they want to put a pak on a male? It would seem that Big and Little are the females but we will have this confirmed when they are ringed. Solly was the Big Bob last year – a large, aggressive female. Middle Bob often melts into the back of this nest. Are they wanting to see how far a male will go from the barge compared to Solly? I wonder. Of course, I would like to see how Little Bob lives out its life! I admit quickly to the prejudice of wanting that sat-pak on that bird’s back!!

At any rate, this nest has produced some of the darkest plumaged osplets – some of the most beautiful and civil nestlings I have ever seen. If the credit goes to having the birds hatching closer together, I wonder if this will happen again? Guess we will have to wait until another nest hatches its chicks to see!

Here are some images from yesterday of the PLO nest. These chicks are just stunning.

That is Little Bob in the foreground looking to the right.

One of many feedings during the day. Despite the fact that they are now wanting to grab the fish, Mum is keeping a firm handle on that and feeding them herself.

The chick at the far end is looking at the piece of fish that is left. Mum will eventually fly away with it – the chicks all had large crops. She needs to eat, too! I wonder what is so special about the fish tail??

So mild mannered. When one gets full, it leaves and lets the others eat.

Beautiful Little Bob.

Little Bob is captivated with the gulls flying over head.

There is Little Bob in the middle of the pack saying ‘ohhhhh’. Another chick has noticed. These three will be wanting to fly like the gulls very soon.

Little Bob does ‘kissy-kissy’ with Middle Bob. I suspect that Middle Bob has a bit of fish on its beak that Little would like to eat. LOL.

The photo below is a really good image of Little Bob’s strong, short stubby legs – the hallmark of a female.

This has been such an incredible nest to watch – no drama. What a change from last year or some of the nests of the Western Ospreys during the spring of 2021. The parents have done an amazing job. The cam operator has been grand in keeping the focus on what is happening on the nest. I cannot wait to find out whose male and who is female. My prediction is Little Bob is definitely a female. But is Big a female and Middle a male? or are they both males? Can’t wait for the measurements!

It is a beautiful 8 degree C sunny day on the Canadian Prairies. The birds have been fed and I am wondering what drama will happen around today’s corn cob? Thank you so much, BTW, for the notes telling me how much you are enjoying the stories about Mr Blue Jay. He is quite the character!

Junior was on the deck after yesterday’s shells were all swept away this morning waiting for the corn!

Take care everyone. Thank you for joining me. Take care!

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took today’s screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Love the bluejay! Thanks for the updates on them! I also wish little Bob could get a tracker! I don’t know what to think about all three not getting one after we thought they were. Thanks Mary Ann and I look forward to new updates.

    1. With the approval of three sat-paks, I guess there are also things associated with the funding of tracking them or maybe they are hoping to put one on some ospreys in another area of Port Lincoln? That said I am totally disappointed. These tracking devices can bring sadness but they also tell us much so, yes, I was sure hoping to find out where Little Bob will go! The squirrels are about and the Blue Jays have not arrived. Junior flew away and has not returned yet. They are so funny! Thank you, Linda! I always appreciate your comments. Have a great Saturday.

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