Is it? or isn’t it?

It looks like the order of fledging at the Port Lincoln Osprey Barge is the exact inverse of the hatching. Ervie fledged yesterday and almost identical to the number of hours between them, Falky fledged this morning at 09:07. Bazza should fly around 13:00 if they hold up the pattern.

Bazza was sure itching to go and Port Lincoln recognized this and zoomed out on the camera.

So is it a fledge? or just great hovering? I would say the latter.

Notice how the boys get one another going though. Falky is going to fly off and he will find himself down in Dad’s man cave. Ervie is flying around and Bazza really wants to join his brothers and have some fun flying. I am afraid I will miss it. It is time to call it lights out in Canada. If Bazza fledges, send me a note with the time stamp – it will be appreciated.

Thank you for joining me. Oh, it is terrific to watch these lads, isn’t it. Take care all and see you soon.

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took my video clip.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann. I saw the hovering too!
    Maybe he will fledge soon.
    Have a good evening !

    1. Hi Linda, I think it is only time til he gets his gear in the right place and he is off. He sure wants to fly with those brothers. I know they think they are all males but I have always wondered if Bazza isn’t a small female???? Just crazy thoughts. I hope they took DNA samples. Have a lovely day and thank you.

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