Grinnell to be released

The team at the Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital has announced that University of California at Berkley’s very own Peregrine Falcon, Grinnell, is fit to be released back in the wild. He will be released tomorrow, 17 November, barring any unforeseen circumstances.*

Oh, what wonderful news. Grinnell was injured in a turf war on the 29th of October. He was found grounded on a garbage can about a kilometre from The Campanile. Grinnell required surgery and has been on anti-inflammatories, anti-parasitic, and antibiotics.

While ongoing competition for nesting sites demonstrates the health of the Peregrine Falcon population in the area, it is also the cause for many territorial disputes.

Annie and Grinnell have been raising chicks in the scrape box on The Campanile for six years. They are an amazing team. Grinnell is an exceptional father that likes to take part in everything from incubation to feeding.

Annie does know know where Grinnell has been. She has made overtures to the male that inflicted the injury on Grinnell. Individuals observing the two say that the new male appears to be skiddish. Grinnell will be released near to his territory. He will either try to take back his territory or seek out another space. It is unknown at this time what will happen. Many, of course, hope that Grinnell will have no difficulty ousting the rival and returning to Annie.

Fingers crossed!

*Some reports or saying Thursday or Friday but I have been informed it will be tomorrow, Wednesday, the 17th.

Thank you to the UC-Berkley Falcon Cam where I took my screen shot.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann. I hope all goes well for Grinell. I wouldn’t want him to be injured again 🙏❤️
    Good night for now with many prayers going up for Grinell

    1. Oh, I do, too. He is such a good dad I can’t see Annie accepting the other unless she though Grinnell had died. But, of course, I am not a falcon just a human watching the drama! Fingers crossed and prayers and warm wishes going Grinnell’s way. I hope they film it.

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