The Daisy Chronicles, day 4 – ‘The Raven Arrives’

Our beautiful little Pacific Black Duck, Daisy, laid her 4th egg in the old Ironbark Tree in Sydney’s Olympic Forest at 06:19:36. She was more nervous today than usual. Something had caused her to be overly cautious today. Still, the little duck worked with as many leaves as she could find to cover her eggs and stayed for almost the entire 2 hours that she has done on previous days. She flew off at 08:15:17.

Daisy covered the nest really well— as best she could bringing in leaves from behind her this morning. There is no indication that she has used any of her down and that is a good thing. The predators would smell it and find the eggs!

Did the Raven see Daisy on the nest? or did he just happen by and was curious?

The Raven lands on the nest at 09:29:30. He actually looks like one of the Crows we have that come to our garden as opposed to a Raven in North America. I know that it is difficult to identify between the Australian Raven and Crow. It is not a Pied Currawong – there is no white.

Whatever – a very dangerous bird has landed on Daisy’s nest of the variety that consumed her eggs last year.

The Raven looks right at the nest cup but cannot see anything. Daisy did do a good job covering those four eggs.

The Raven almost steps on the nest cup! But he doesn’t, thankfully.

He jumps over to the rim of the old Sea Eagle nest.

All the while the Raven is on the nest it is making very strange calls.

I wonder if it was calling the other members of its family. Last year several arrived but not today.

He stares but obviously cannot smell those eggs and he certainly cannot see them. Oh, Daisy, you little Duck. You did do a great job covering them.

It simply felt like he was going to tear that nest up but he moves over to the parent branch of the tree where the juvenile sea eagles often branch.

And then he is gone. I think my heart sunk to my toes. It is too early for the predators to be sniffing around Daisy’s nest. —— Any day is too early until the ducklings hatch and jump!

At 09:31 ‘something’ chased ‘something’ out of the forest from the top centre to the lower left side. It happened very fast and I could not decipher what it was. I wonder if our little Duck chased that Raven? Has Daisy been watching?

I hope that Daisy only lays one more egg. If there are fewer she will be able to cover them adequately or maybe a big wind would come and rain down leaves on that nest. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Everyone send all your good wishes to our little Pacific Black Duck, Daisy. She needs all the positive energy she can get as she continues to try and keep her eggs safe.

Other Bird World News: There is no further news on Yurruga. Ervie picked off the first fish of the day at 06:33. If you watch Jackie and Shadow, the Bald Eagles at Big Bend, they have been working on the nest. Yesterday Connie at Captiva laid her first egg at 05:55:37.

There have been two welcome visitors to our garden. Hedwig, the short tailed Cottontail Rabbit, has been photographed.

Shortly after lunch, Sharpie, the Sharp-shinned Hawk dropped by.

The European Starlings, the Black capped Chickadee, and numerous varieties of Sparrows, mostly House Sparrows, filled up the feeders. I think that each of them knew that there was a weather advisory out and that they would be hunkered down by snow and blowing snow with little visibility in the late afternoon.

Oh, I hope that Raven forgets about Daisy and her eggs!

Take care everyone. Thank you for stopping by to check on the birds. It is nice having you with us.

Thank you to the Sea Eagles @ BirdLife Australia Discover Centre for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh Mary Ann the photos you post tell the story as we read. It’s awesome! Thank you so very much for all the updates! I pray the raven(s) don’t keep coming and never find Daisy’s eggs if they do 🙏
    So good at the PLO’s nest. Everyone seems to get a 🐟 fish! Great parents!
    Thanks also for the photos of your welcomed visitors to your garden. Bunny Hedwig is so cute!
    The Hawk is a beauty too!
    Have a great evening and I look forward to the next newsletter also!

  2. Thanks for updates! I’ve been watching Daisy too… worrying about her. Sure hope that her eggs survive, hatch, and make the leap.
    Enjoying your other news too. Love that you named your rabbit “Hedwig”… (I had a great aunt Hedwig from Norway.)

    Quick question to inquire if you received my email a few nights ago? Truly looking forward to ordering one of your sweet vases.

    Wishing you a good week ahead, Mary Ann.

    1. You are so welcome. The noises in the forest are terrible – and that raven coming so early. We can only hope for the dear little duck. Yes, Hedwig. I gave a conference paper on a potter and her name was Hedwig. I was walking through Charlottenburg in Berlin and there was a small shop with all her work. It was beautiful. And, yes. I am sorry. I sent an e-mail response re the vase but you must not have received it. I have some drying and the next batch will be ready by the first week in January. They are 24-36 CDN depending on size plus postage. I will check your e-mail and send you some images so you can pick. I am so glad that you like them, Betty. Thank you.

    2. Oh, Linda, it is nerve wracking. I guess it is worse for Daisy. I cannot imagine. Something drove her away from the river to this big nest for safety. I wonder if the foxes got her first clutch of eggs last year and she still figures this big nest is better than by the shore. i would love to have a specially designed egg box for her!!!!!!!!! Then the predators could not get in. I wonder why they don’t do that?????????

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