The Daisy Chronicles, Day 8 The Ravens return AGAIN

No more had Daisy relaxed along with the other nectar eating birds in the forest than the Ravens returned.

Daisy is OK. As you can see from the images, she had to reveal the eggs twice trying to thwart off the Ravens. The Ravens were actually moving sticks which made Daisy a bit nervous. I was hoping they would loosen up some leaves.

Our little duck is very brave. But will more than two Ravens return.

Daisy shows everyone just how brave a little duck she is in the following segment.

It is nearing 11:30. Daisy is able to relax. The winds are picking up quite a bit and you can hear some distant thunder. I hope that the poor weather coming on will keep the Ravens home and not out plotting those lovely duck eggs. Rain should start at noon and continue until sunset. If Daisy stays on the nest like she has the past days – leaving about 15 minutes before sunset, the eggs should be safe til she returns. Sunset is at 19:56. I hope.

The winds are picking up.

Still it is not yet noon and Daisy has had two visits from the Ravens. They want those duck eggs. They did manage to get them last season but only when Daisy was away from the nest. Perhaps the timing will work this year?

Daisy has chosen this nest and she must feel that it is safer than being down on the ground by the river.

You can watch Daisy here:

Thank you for joining me again as we watch the brave little Pacific Black Duck who laid her eggs in the big Sea Eagles nest – Daisy.

Thank you to the Sea Eagles@BirdLife Australia Discovery Centre for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots and my video clips.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann! I’m a bit worried now with their returning another 2 times today. Prayers for Daisy and her eggs.
    Have a good evening

    1. Linda, you are very welcome. The Ravens returned again for 3 times and the camera has gone off. I am extremely concerned for Daisy, Linda. The way that the Ravens handled the sticks on the nest was very threatening. They could use them against her. There are more Ravens in the forest. When Daisy was not on her eggs the beginning of this year, about 6 came. So far only 2. I am also worried for Daisy’s health. She stays on the nest too long to protect the eggs before doing full incubation. And also the down. I was told it could be because she is a month earlier but it still bothered me and I phoned someone who knew about ducks. Daisy should have plenty of down. They do not believe she is in the best of health. And they told me that it takes too much energy if she is not eating well (being on the eggs so long each day means she hasn’t) to fight off the Ravens. —- I don’t want Daisy harmed and the Ravens are not going to give up. I had so hoped she could make it but she has at least 28 more days to go. Can you imagine?

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