The Daisy Chronicles, Day 8 The Ravens Return

The Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre’s streaming cam was off line. It came back on line at 07:49 on 10 December, Day 8 for Daisy.

Daisy is on the nest and has been removing more down for the nest cup. I am going to have to presume that she arrived as she would any typical day, before sunrise which was at 05:38 today. She would have laid egg 8 and it would have dried. She is now incubating the eggs as she has for the past couple of days.

The wind is starting to pick up. It is 08:49 and the forecast is for an 80% chance of rain beginning at 09:00 changing to 100% chance of rain for the rest of the day. Certainly the rain will not bother Daisy and as long as she is on her eggs they are warm and dry. The rain might help keep the predators away – I am not sure. As you know I have been wondering about the amount of down that Daisy has and I was reminded this morning by a good friend that Daisy is actually laying these eggs one month earlier than the last time she attempted to hatch eggs here the beginning of January 2021.

You can see the big duck eggs in the egg cup. Daisy is removing down.

She tucks it in around the edge of the eggs.

Once Daisy finishes tucking, she rolls around on the eggs.

Except for the visit by the two Ravens and Lady and Dad arriving one evening when Daisy was gone, it has been relatively quiet for our little duck. Last time she played tag with Dad. He was determined to find out who was using his nest. They would only miss one another by seconds. I ‘think’ that might be more difficult this clutch because of the lack of nest material to cover the eggs. It makes it very worrisome. Once Daisy finishes laying all of the eggs – oh, geez, I really hope she is done – she will have another long month of incubation.

Daisy was not more than comfortable and the Ravens came to the nest. Here is a video. You need to hear the distant sound, see Daisy hunker down, and see her protect her eggs.

Oh, Daisy is such a brave and determined little duck! As long as there is only one or two Ravens, she just might be able to hold her own. And as long as she is on those eggs I do not think they can get them – unless, of course, they come with 5 or 6 friends. Whew. That was nerve wrecking. I cannot even imagine how Daisy felt when she heard those Ravens coming and had that one right on the nest. My goodness.

Keep sending your positive wishes to Daisy. As long as everything stays OK on the nest with Daisy, you will not hear from me until tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

Thank you so much for joining me. Stay safe.

Thank you to the SeaEagles@BirdLife Australia Discovery Centre for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures and video clips.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks for this update and pics Mary Ann! Hope the ravens left and Daisy continues to stay on the nest with her eggs. Positive wishes for her and prayers the ravens left (for good!)
    Take care and I’ll be looking forward to the next newsletter tomorrow.

    1. Oh, they came back and they were trying to do something with sticks. I was afraid they would hurt Daisy. She is one fierce little duck. There are definitely 8 big eggs under there. She got rid of the Ravens a second time and now a big storm is coming so hopefully Dad, Lady, and the Ravens will stay away!

    2. You are so welcome. You will enjoy Anna and Louis. Last year Anna didn’t know how to feed the chick and the chick didn’t know what to do and Louis kept stacking the fish up – 18 at one time. Unbelievable. Well, Kisatchie figured out how to eat and Anna learned how to feed him and he grew into a beautiful fledgling. They seem to be a solid young pair – still learning – with a big lake right behind them for fish. Yes, I watched Cilla’s video of cleaning the scrape box. Diamond was very interesting. They must like it clean, though. They had quite a bonding session in there again. Diamond looked like she had swallowed a whole pigeon – I guess she might have. Take care. Fingers crossed for Daisy.

  2. Salliane says:

    such a brave duck to protect her precious eggs!!
    fingers crossed that she will be able to hatch them and leave

    1. She is brave! Last season I only got to see her play tag with Dad and Lady. The Ravens came when she was off the nest. So I did not get to see how she responded. She left at 01:4:55 and returned at 04:59. She beat the Ravens. The eggs are fine. She looks refreshed. It will be a long day but all positive energy heading her way.

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