The Daisy Chronicles Day 17, continued

Despite the presence of the Sea Eagles, Lady and Dad, at the River Roost on the Parramatta River, Daisy has been blissful since she returned from her morning foraging trip at 07:11:00

The Sea Eagles have not come to the nest. The wind is beginning to really pick up. I have not seen any predators on the nest. That said, the sound is off on the main camera and the Ravens could have been in the branches above like they have been lately or simply flying by. The strong winds might keep them at home!

It is currently 30 degrees in the forest and the winds are blowing at 19 km/h with gusts up to 39 km/h. It is hot and humid for Daisy with the confirmation of thunderstorms (90% chance) from 15:00-18:00. Hopefully Daisy will wait til the rain and winds have calmed before going out for her evening foraging. I am not concerned about her. She has been through many storms but, rather, for the priceless down covering those eggs.

It is nearing 11:30 on the old Ironbark Nest. The wind is rocking the tree but Daisy does not seem bothered. I have no noted any predators around and it is unclear if the Sea Eagles are still at the River Roost. The sound is still off line.

Other Nest News. A video has been posted of the thunderstorm that hit Orange last evening. Lightning, hail, thunder, and high winds. Diamond is in the scrape. You can see she is frightened. This morning Xavier arrived on the ledge of the scrape box and there was much relief he was alright. You can imagine that was this type of storm that also hit Daisy in Sydney.

Need an Osprey fix? Lena can see Andy in the distance and she is fish crying. Here is that video:

Samson is so happy that him and Gabby have their first egg as of yesterday. Just look at those two!

Over at the Port Lincoln Osprey Barge, Ervie picked up the first delivery of the morning -despite the choppy water and winds – from dad at 06:30:41.

Falky got the 07:39:44 fish.

Last time I checked Bazza was alone on the nest wishing for a fish.

Thank you so much for joining me. There is not much to report about Daisy which is, after all, a good thing. Hopefully the weather will not be as bad for her as it was for the Peregrine falcons, Xavier and Diamond, at Orange. I will monitor her throughout the rest of the day. Take care everyone. Stay safe! Look to the birds for joy!

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen shots: the Port Lincoln Osprey, the NEFlorida Bald Eagle Cam and the AEF, and the Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thanks again for the update on Daisy ! I’m so glad no predators have shown up. Keeping my fingers crossed and positive for her and her 8 eggies!
    Thanks for the update on the PLO’s and others. I’m so happy for Samson and Gabby! There could be a second egg soon too! Thanks for the Captiva Osprey cam. I have checked there a few times recently. Wishing them
    A good season as well.
    Have a great evening and take care!

    1. Isn’t it just wonderful, Linda? I can hardly believe it..pinch me! Samson gave Gabby such a wonderful look. These birds, all of them, are simply incredible. We are so fortunate to get a glimpse into their lives and to know they are just like us – taking care of their kids often against odds, caring for one another, etc. It is lovely. I am afraid that we should call Bazza – Baby Bazza. He loves his Mum to bring him a fish and feed him while Ervie and Falky are out flying and trying to find their own to go with the ones they ate. I wonder if Bazza will ever leave?? It is so funny that he was the bully – not a lot but a bit – and now so dependent and Ervie is thriving. — And so far Daisy’s day is boring. Incredible, beautiful, boring. Nite.

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