The Daisy Chronicles, Day 17 morning

The main camera was off line til right before Daisy returned from her early morning foraging at 07:11:50. Daisy did not spend as much time drying off as usual. Her esophagus is enlarged so it looks like her foraging went well.

After sliding down on the nest, she has spent some time arranging the down and the leaves.

Daisy is tucked and sleeping. She has no idea that the Sea Eagles are near by.

Both of the WBSE are at the River Roost this morning. They were caught on camera just now.

The cam operator has kept the camera on the Sea Eagles. I wonder if she is waiting to see if they will leave and come to the nest in the forest.

You can follow Daisy on the Livestream at

I wanted to let you know that the streaming cam is up and running and that Daisy returned to the nest and is alright. The concern is the Sea Eagles. What will they do?

Well, no more than I wrote that the streaming cam was working and it has gone down again! Here is the link to the Twitch cam – remember it has no sound and it has no rewind function.

This is concerning because of the Sea Eagles. Fingers crossed that they fly off to Goat Island!

Ah, Cam 4 just resumed streaming. Daisy is fine! The wind and the weather must be having an impact but it ‘looks’ fine at the nest. The early morning sun is filtering its way through the leaves. My calendar says there are possibly 16 days to hatch (the most 20).

The Noisy Miners are about and now the sound has gone off the main camera. Daisy is sleeping.

I will continue to monitor the situation as best I can. Thank you for joining me and for sending all your love and positive wishes to Daisy. Please take care of yourselves. Stay safe.

Thank you to both the Twitch Sea Eagles cam and the Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discover Centre Sydney Olympic Park.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for these new updates. I hope the sea eagles don’t come to the nest. I wonder if the other birds making the noise will make them come to check though. Prayers and positive wishes always for Daisy Duck and her 8 eggs. Thanks for the Twitch cam view.
    Take care and I always look forward to new newsletters. Thanks for all the photos.

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