Happiest of Holidays to each of you

We live in what is defined as ‘downtown’ and yet, my garden is full of life. Four households have created a bit of a corridor for all the birds and animals so that they can wander from garden to garden. As a result, we support more than 350 birds daily along with the various squirrels that live on each of our individual lots. There is the occasional racoon that wanders over from the river and once a peacock fleeing from the zoo found its way to the top of my neighbour’s roof. I am grateful every day to have these fabulous creatures in my life and I feel privileged to be able to care for them in some small way. I am also grateful to each one of you for the love and joy you have shared with all of the birds this year, for the nights when we should have been asleep but were up watching a nest with anticipation or worry, or for the times when we all collectively grieved.

There was soft gentle snow dancing around Little Red. He is anxiously awaiting his Christmas Eve bowl of mixed nuts. This tradition began many years ago when my dear neighbours brought over a container of non-salted cashews for him. I don’t imagine Little Red has any idea that those nuts are a small reward for all the joy and laughter he has brought us through the year.

Dyson & Co have been out finding seeds buried under 10 cm (4 inches) of snow. We can always count on Dyson to clean up everything. No worry about seed sitting too long with our squirrel-vacuum.

Sharpie came to visit early. It is always a relief to see him.

Junior was also here early but we have not seen Mr and Mrs Blue Jay for some weeks and we are imagining that they migrated and Junior decided to stay and keep their home safe.

From all of us on the Canadian Prairies we wish you all of the blessings of this holiday season – good health, friendship, family, and the joy of the birds.

We are on pip watch for Harriet and M15. I am hoping for a Christmas hatch! Take care and thank you for joining me.

Mary Ann & the Gang


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you ever so much Mary Ann! Little Red! Dyson, Sharpie, and Jr blue Jay are so precious! What an exciting yard you have! What a Blessing to have them all. I miss putting the little Lighted Angel with wings on my bay window for Little Bit this Christmas.
    Thank you for the photos of all of the, and the beautiful decorated Christmas tree!
    I love all the birds !
    Merry and Blessed Christmas!

    1. I feel blessed that they call my garden ‘home’. They give us so much and teach us so much we are privileged to be able to watch their lives like you did with Little Bit. I am so sorry for her loss.

  2. CeeBee says:

    Thank you and a very blessed Christmas to you and all of your extended families. Thank you so much for your very beautiful account and some insight into Daisy’s and others lives. Cheers,

    1. You are so very welcome, CeeBee. It is my pleasure. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many people that love the birds and want to make a better place for them to live. Thank you so much.

  3. A beautiful post for this Christmas Eve day, Mary Ann. Thank you so much for all of your sharing and reporting. I’m ever so thankful our paths have crossed! Wishing you and yours a peaceful holiday filled with joy and love.

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