Ervie gave us a fright

Ervie kept quite a few people worrying yesterday. We all know Ervie. He is off flying around finding his own fish (we think) and sitting over on the perch, right? Well, his behaviour changed a bit and it had some of us wondering what was ‘wrong’. Ervie stayed on the same spot on the nest for over 12 hours. Seriously. We watched to make sure his feet or talons were not tangled in fishing line. They weren’t. And then he flew off the nest only to return to the same spot! ERVIE!!!!!!!!! Ervie was pulling a Bazza waiting on the nest to get a fish. Meanwhile the water was a bit choppy and the winds were blowing at 21 kph but gusting much higher.

Indeed, Ervie was still on the spot on the nest at 16:29 when he flew off for a second time. Ervie should have stayed a little longer!

Bazza does a quick fly over at 16:57:26.

Bazza returns to the nest to wait for a fish delivery.

Bazza intercepts the fish at 17:15:09. No one else is around.

Bazza protecting his fish dinner. Notice the waves and the white caps. The water is very rough. Dad is a great fisher!

I still do not know if Ervie managed to get a fish from Dad yesterday. The water is far too choppy for the juveniles to have much luck, if any, fishing. It is supposed to be windy today, too, at Port Lincoln.

M15 has been stepping in and feeding E20 when 19 is sleeping. It is really sweet. M15 also brought in a tree branch this morning just about knocking the babies out as he put it in place.

The branch incident happens at 07:33.

This is E20 sitting up. How did I know that? Two clues. First look at the size of the feet. The baby standing has smaller feet than the one sleeping. The one asleep also has a ‘dirty’ spot on its bad. That is E19.

You can see this a little more clearly. E20 is standing up.

Sweet sleeping babies!

So sweet.

Our great parents – M15 on the right and Harriet on the left.

So far there is no Daisy on the nest and the Sea Eagles have not returned since they were harassed so much.

Can you find Ruggedy the Kakapo? Hiding in plain sight. The rangers took a break and are now back at work checking transmitters and doing health checks on our favourite non-flying parrot!

I want to leave you with one of the most interesting radio interviews that I have heard. It is especially dear to me because the young woman being interviewed is from Oklahoma. She got her falconer’s license in 14 and went on to study in Mongolia. You can listen to this while you do other things or you can start and stop. You will be so inspired. She talks at length on what it was like living in Mongolia and being trained as an Eagle falconer. It is on Bird Calls Radio.

It is warming up on the Canadian Prairies. It is -15. Feels almost like summer!!!!!

Thank you so much for joining me today. It is so nice to have you with me. Take care.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Port Lincoln Osprey, SWFlorida Bald Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Kakapo Recovery, and Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park.


  1. Linda Lontol says:

    Oh Mary Ann I do hope Ervie is out fishing! Yes he really gave us a scare last night. ! Glad all seems ok there now
    Thanks for all the updates and photos.
    Glad to be here and experience all these wonderful birds with you! That is great about the young falconer too!
    I look forward to the next newsletter
    Take care and I’m glad it’s warming up there.

    1. Linda, it is my pleasure. I felt so bad for him when Bazza came flying in and got the fish he had been waiting for. I really do still wonder if he wasn’t sore or tired. If you get a chance listen to the young woman on the radio programme. She is very interesting and insightful. She has an eagle that its parents did not train it to fly or hunt. She says it will take two years in rehab. It reminds me of how short the time they give 27.
      It is an interesting programme.

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Mary Ann it said my comment didn’t go through so I apologize as I had re-wrote a comment again. Thanks for the info. Did you mean SE27?

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! Yes Ervie sure gave us a scare last evening for sure! I’m so glad all seems well there today!
    Thanks for all the updates and photos and info on the falconer too! So glad to hear the weather is warming there and I know the animals will be glad of it too!
    Thank you and take care!

  3. Mary Ann, I’m glad everything was okay with Ervie. (How much longer will the parents continue to drop off food? Hope they all become completely self-efficient before long.)
    Thanks so much for all the continuing reports. I’ve been watching the SW eagles this afternoon and enjoying the peaceful feedings. No beaking, thankfully! Like you’ve said, the parents are amazing and I’m so glad you introduced me to their nest.
    Will be listening to the falconer interview next. Sounds fascinating!

    Glad it warmed up a little there. Still sounds mighty cold though. Thank you again for everything. I look forward to your posts every day!

    1. Oh, it was a worry. I think you will enjoy this young woman. She is in Arizona now!

      1. Alas, I was unable to get the interview to play, for some reason. Will try again tomorrow.

      2. Oh, gosh I am so sorry about that. Let me know if it is still a problem. Because if it is for you it is for everyone and it is a great interview.

      3. Mary Ann, the interview still won’t play today. Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong. Hopefully your other readers are able to listen to it.

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