Daisy the Duck returns to WBSE Nest

Around 05:40 on the 15th of January, Daisy the Pacific Black Duck flew alone to the big Ironbark Nest in the Sydney Olympic Forest. It has been precisely two weeks since her previous visit. The nest is no stranger to Daisy who has laid two clutches of eggs here only to have them taken and eaten by Ravens.

There is her head behind the branch. She has just landed.

Daisy will spend a total of 9 minutes on the nest listening and looking.

She checks out all directions.

She listens again. I adore Daisy and I want her to be safe and have her ducklings in a nest where there is some possibility of success. This nest is doomed.

It is unfortunate that neither the Ravens nor the White-bellied Sea Eagles were present. That might have stopped Daisy from considering this site for her next clutch.

It is good to see you are alive and well, Daisy, but please find another spot for your precious eggs!

Under normal circumstances the WBSE would be checking on the nest frequently during this time of the year. Their attendance has been mired by the Pied Currawong and I have hoped that someone insightful might put up an artificial nest for the WBSE down by the Parramatta River Roost similar to the one built for Ron and Rita by the WRDC in Miami.

We wait.

Thank you for joining me on this quick posting about our favourite duck, Daisy!

Thank you to the Sea Eagle@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh Mary Ann there isn’t nothing we can do. It’s accross the world from me and I wish I could just buy a duck box and hang it up for her to lay her eggs in. At least they would be hid from site if the ravens and currongs came!
    All now we can do is wait and pray for Daisy 🙏❤️
    I thought she had found somewhere else by now.
    Thanks for the update Mary Ann

    1. Oh, Linda. I thought enough time had passed and she would be at another nest. It is worrisome but you are right, there is nothing we can do. There are apparently duck boxes but no one knows if they are actually suitable and why she doesn’t use one of them. Maybe the WBSE will be there if Daisy returns. I feel bad for her. Just good positive wishes and prayers. Thank you, Linda.

  2. Joining you in positive wishes and prayers for Daisy. I had hoped she was settled in a safe nest by now. Thanks for the update, Mary Ann.

    1. It is all we can do..I just want to some how virtually blow her off the nest or have digital Raven sounds blare out as she approaches. Apparently only 12% of duck clutches make it so maybe she still thinks it is the best place for her. I was so afraid the Ravens were going to do something with those sticks. We wait. Bird watching requires so much patience!!!! and faith.

    2. Let’s hope together! She has a community of fans whose hearts break every time something happens. We need a positive for our Daisy! Thank you, Betty, for joining the arm to keep her off that nest!

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