Late Saturday in Bird World and — Ervie is 4 months old

As this big weather system moves through the United States Midwest over to the East coast, a multitude of raptor nests are in its wake ranging from those at Decorah, Iowa to Berry College and Duke Farms.

There is snow on the Decorah North Bald Eagle Nest in Iowa. Not expecting egg watch for about six weeks – sure glad the eagles are missing all the snow! — Yes, I know they can handle it but it is difficult feeding just borns in the cold and wet. Better dry!

There is snowing covering the Denton Homes Bald Eagle nest in Iowa also.

The Pittsburg-Hays Bald Eagle Nest looks like it could get some of this nasty weather. Right now the adults are roosting on a tree above the nest. Not looking for eggs here for a bit. Last year this couple raised three to fledge! Amazing.

Right now at Berry College, this is the weather forecast:

B15 is doing great and B16 is trying to hatch. As you know, I am often rather out spoken. B15 is Missy’s first to survive little one and her and it are doing nicely. If B16 doesn’t hatch, it might be for the best. Let this young mom find her way.

There remains no signs of rodenticide poisoning with Ron and Rita’s two, R1 and R2. R1 is a real stinker to R2 lately and, in part, this is why I say let Missy raise one strong eaglet. The experienced Mums have ways of sorting out the rivalry issues such as gentle taps on the beaks or getting the assistance of their mate. Even so, it is not easy even for them. I want to see some success on this Berry College nest this year and right now, things look good with B15.

Duke Farms is in Hillsborough, New Jersey and it is set to really get hit by this storm as it gets to the eastern sea board. They are on egg laying watch there. Oh, I hope that egg can wait! Many of you have set through night upon night worrying about the Mum on this nest who was incubating eggs covered in snow for weeks. She is quite amazing. She is not on the nest tonight,.

The high wind warnings continue for the Kisatchie National Forest area. Anna fed the baby some Coot and hopefully the little one will sleep through the wind!

As night settled on the forest, the winds picked up. It is now 34 degrees F at the nest of Anna and Louis.

It is a little breezy at the Osprey nest of Lena and Andy on Sanibel Island, Florida. Lena is sleeping blissfully incubating those three eggs of hers.

The only hope left for the Captiva Bald Eagles, Connie and Clive is if the second egg is fertile. Egg #1 is 42 days old today.

Today is Ervie’s birthday. He is precisely 4 months old. How incredible. As many of us know, we held our breath when he hatched hoping beyond hope that #1 sibling would please leave the little one alone. What we didn’t know at that precise moment of hatch was the robust character that #3 was going to turn out to be. Today Ervie has been flying around the barge and might have even been up on the wheel house. Of course he is screaming his head off to be fed —— if he wasn’t, we would think something was wrong with the Erv. What a magnificent bird you have turned out to be #3.

Let’s hope that Ervie gets some extra fish today for his birthday. So happy with this Osprey. Send out positive wishes to all the people and the birds – not just our beloved raptors – in the path of this storm. Keep them in your thoughts as the wind and the snow and ice plow through the Eastern side of the US. I hope that Big Red and Arthur are hunkered down.

Take care everyone. Thank you for joining me on this quick report.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen shots: Decorah North and, Captiva Osprey Nest, Port Lincoln Ospreys, KNF Bald Eagles, Berry College, WRDC Bald Eagles, Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagles and Pix Cam, Duke Farms, and Denton Homes Eagles.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for the updates. All of them will be in my prayers as this weather passes through. I always feel so sorry for the animals having eggs or babies on the nests during bad weather. We are way south and don’t get the snow but we are expected to get awful winds and low temps tomorrow. The rain that is bringing it was very mild here today.
    I pray for every people , nests , and animals tonight that are going through this awful weather system 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    May God protect them.

    1. This weather is terrible. I feel for anyone or anything in its wake. It is the extremes and even if you don’t get snow those strong winds can be so destructive. Yes, prayers and love to all of them from now until it has all passed through. I thought we would get something off ND but no, not yet anyway. Thank you, Linda, for all your love and prayers for them.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Also Happy Birthday Ervie!
    I hope you get the biggest fish ever!
    Thanks Mary Ann and have a great evening!

    1. Four months old! It is hard to understand that enthusiasm but to survive and thrive is counted in days, weeks, and months. Yes, to a huge fish! I am hoping that Mum or Dad will bring in a big haul. Then Ervie will be quiet for a bit!!!!!!! He sure can cry for fish, Linda. Sometimes when I look at ‘him’ and see his strong shorter legs I wonder if it is him or her.

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Mary Ann I have also wondered that too! He could be a she! I wonder if we will ever know for sure. He /she is a favorite anyway! ❤️
        Thanks Mary Ann!

      2. Because of that tracker we just might find out one way or the other. Hoping Ervie lives a long life.

  3. Thoughts and prayers for all birds and critters from me also. With climate change the storms are becoming so much more extreme – I just can’t imagine trying to incubate eggs in any kind of severe weather. Thanks for helping to keep us all in the know, Mary Ann.

    1. You are so right, Betty. It is the extremes of the storms that is so frightening. Last year Missy lost her first hatch in a bad storm – snow and extreme cold and the second egg did not hatch. The little one got out from under her and ran to Pa Berry. It was a tragedy. Which is why I don’t want any of them to lay eggs or have hatches. We can sit in our warm houses and cope easier. My heart just goes out to them living in the wild. Fingers crossed. You are so welcome. It is my pleasure. I don’t want to bombard everyone with news so I struggle with how much is too much.

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