Kakapo Breeding Stats

I have posted some rather sad news today – the death of the 20 year old Peregrine Falcon, Princess, who was the anchor of the Manitoba Falcon Recovery and the spread of HPAI.

So it is time for a little fun and giggles.

New Zealanders love their flightless parrot, The Kakapo, just about as much or perhaps more than they do their Albatross. It is breeding season for these highly endangered birds. There are scorecards!

So yesterday, Nora, who has been breeding and raising chicks since 1981 mated with two males, one for 83 minutes. Seriously.

The New Zealand Herald did such a great report that it should do all the talking.


Thank you so much for joining me. Sorry for sending out four posts. This is the last! We needed some fun.

Featured image by Andrew Digby.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! I don’t want to work you too hard but the more post the better! Yes it is good to get a fun one in there today as well.
    Take care Mary Ann

    1. The poor Kakapo are the brunt of all the jokes but, whatever they can do to up their numbers. They live on three isolated islands and what lovely birds they are. I do worry about sending out too much. Your message means a lot to me, Linda. Thank you.

  2. Mary Ann, I agree with Linda – you can never write too many posts. I appreciate them all, even when the news is sad.
    Thanks for this one – something to smile about!

    1. Oh, thank you. I do worry about loading up in boxes and yet, every time I turn around something has happened. It is reassuring to hear your kind words – both you and Linda.

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