Tuesday in Bird World

The snow that began last night is continuing to come down in the garden. It is gusty and blowing and the birds are having a difficult time finding a place to get out of the wind. I would love for someone to contradict me but, I do not recall this much snow in 15 years. Thankfully, there is no reason to get out, not even for birdseed. We have at least another two weeks on hand! There are times that I think the garden visitors eat better than their caregivers! It is the running family joke.

You might have felt that I am a little ‘shy’ of that WRDC nest of Ron and Rita’s. This is a new Bald Eagle couple to me. It is really difficult to see if R2 is getting much food. Clearly R1 is a bit of a brute. R3 would not have had a chance. The adults often stand in front of the camera so the view is restricted or, else, I can only see R1 bonking the little one. There is lots of food. Ron is a good provider.

I want to imagine that I am terribly wrong and that the adults are feeding R1 until it passes out in a food coma and then are making sure that R2 is full to the brim. If you have seen this please let me know! I would be delighted.

Some good news. There is no sign of Daisy the Duck on the White-Bellied Sea Eagle Nest in the Sydney Olympic Forest. Continue to send your positive energy to our little duck so she finds a safe place to hatch some eggs!

The bad news – unless you are a GHOW fan – is that Mrs Hootie laid her first egg on the Savannah Osprey nest of Scarlett and Rhett. Where will this longstanding Osprey couple lay their eggs?

The snow is melting in Ithaca, the home of Big Red and Arthur.

The Clark Fork River is open in places near Missoula, Montana. It is hard to imagine but in 9 weeks Big Red should be laying eggs and in 10 weeks we will be looking for Iris, the oldest Osprey in the world, to return to her nest at Hell Gate Canyon.

There is some snow in Latvia and like here in Canada, I expect that they will see more. Milda’s nest is waiting for her albeit there have been intruders.

The eaglet at the KNF nest was stretching its little wings this morning. It is 6 days old and is energetic, curious, healthy, and happy. What more could you want?!

Anna and Louis are quickly becoming one of my most favoured Bald Eagle couples!

Pa Berry fed B15 til it passed out in a food coma. I had missed seeing him brooding or feeding so this really put a smile on my face. B15 is a little character. Full of life! So happy.

Pa Berry was really aerating the nest this morning!

R15 is so cute. I wonder if R15 will get attached to ‘eggie’ like Legacy did last year?

The two eaglets of Harriet and Mitch are doing fine at the Hilton Head Island Bald Eagle nest. Have a close look. That second layer of dark grey down is covering them and there are feathers peeking through. Soon they will look like E19 and E20.

E20 looks on as E19 is eating at the SWFlorida Bald Eagle Nest. It will wait til E19 is finished and then will go and have food.

Ferris Akel posted a very short video of the Canada Geese and the Snow Geese from last Sunday’s tour. I had not seen so many since our migration in September-October here in Winnipeg.

Ervie is on the nest and will, no doubt, be ramping up the volume screaming for a fish once the dawn breaks at Port Lincoln. Oh, Ervie. Are you going to be another Izzi? We do adore you and we wouldn’t mind! On the other hand, you did get the sat-pak! Will the conclusion be that at least one male Eastern Osprey likes to stay at the natal nest? Oh, Ervie, you do put a smile on our faces.

Thank you for joining me today. It is so nice to have you with me. Take care! See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen shots: WRDC, KNF, Port Lincoln Osprey Project, Hilton Head Island Trust, SWFlorida and D Pritchett, Berry College, Cornell Bird Cam and Montana Osprey Project, Cornell Bird Cam and RTH, Cornell Bird Lab and Savannah Ospreys, Latvian Fund for Nature, and Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the updates and photos. So proud of Ervie! ❤️
    I’m so glad all the little eaglets are doing well. I know a few has to wait and I’ve watched a feeding last night but they seem to all get fed at that time. The ones with 2 in the nest wait till the older one eats and in a food coma or back turned and then the parent feeds it. I hope this will soon be over. 🙏 looking forward to ospreys and especially I want to see Iris🙏❤️. I do hope Daisy has layed her eggs in a safe place.
    Thanks for the video too! I love geese and swans.
    Have a great afternoon and I look forward to the newsletter later.

    1. So glad you saw them. I kept seeing Harriet run out of food by the time she got to 20. That 19 was a little brat this morning, too. Yes, will be glad when it ends! They were so fantastic before the weather. Yes, it would be wonderful to see a photo of Daisy with a few little ducklings in thee water. I hope so too….or will she return again to the WBSE. They were at River Roost the other day but I don’t think they went to the nest. Fed up with the Curras I suppose! Have a great afternoon. Out snow is slowing down and that is a good thing!

  2. Thank you for your latest report, Mary Ann. I too have become shy of both nests where sibling rivalry has reared its ugly head, so to speak. It seems oddly intense, and I think you’re right that it’s caused by the storm. PTSD can manifest as aggression and combativeness, and it’s like a switch was turned on in both cases. Will probably focus on KNF, like you. Also will be keeping an eye on the Albatross nest (did you see the video of OGK talking to his egg today?) along with egg watch at Big Bear. And I think Redding Eagle nest will be on egg watch too in another week or so.

    Hope you’re able to stay hunkered down and warm in your winter weather there! Take good care, Mary Ann. And thank you again for everything!

    1. I hear you. Sometimes I can take the rivalry but right now, for some reason. I am not entirely sure what it is. My skin is normally pretty tough. The KNF nest is simply brilliant and I am warming up to Berry College although I do not like the camera because you cannot see the images in re-wind. I have to giggle when Louis wants to eat some of the fish he brings in and Anna gets after him. There is so much food there! That baby will do fine and needs a good name! You will see I have posted news of the HPAI. I hesitated but this is a big deal and everyone should at least be aware of it. Yes, OGK is talking! I hope he is incubating when the chick hatches. Just adore them.

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