E20 is doing fine!

To watchers and chatters, he is popularly known as ‘Little Bit’. Officially, he is E20, the second hatch of Harriet and M15 at the Southwest Florida Bald Eagle nest in Fort Myers. Second and third hatches are always popular. They are usually the underdog having suffered some bonking/beaking from their older siblings.

E20 and E19 actually got along really well, after week 1, until the terrible storm that pushed through the region the other day. That seemed to set E19 off resulting in aggressive behaviour towards his younger sibling.

I am very happy to report that E20 was not only full yesterday but also today. Have a look!

Oh, he looks so happy! Have you noticed that the two of them are starting to look like old worn carpets with their dark down underneath the feathers coming in and the fluffy down disappearing?

Yes, that crop is much bigger than E20s head. It is a wonder he has not fallen over. Maybe those big wings and feet are saving him!

E20 – closer to the front – will eventually make his way to the rim of the nest and go to sleep by E19.


This is really a welcome sight. Just another good thing in Thursday’s Bird World!

Thank you for joining me today. It is a really great feeling to bring you good news. Take care everyone. See you tomorrow.

Thanks to SWFlorida Bald Eagles and D Pritchett for their streaming cam where I took these screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! E20 looks great! I know they have the best of parents H and M15 are very experienced and wonderful.
    Have a good afternoon and thanks for this update!

    1. You are so right, Linda. Harriet and M15 were always at the top of my list for excellent BE parents. I am glad that M15 has stepped in and fed that baby!! And it looks like they are all doing well today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Take care. Thank you always for your comments.

  2. So much great news today, Mary Ann! Thanks for all of it. I watched a little of the SW Florida nest earlier and was relieved to see them resting quietly together – and indeed, no signs of trouble. And both had full crops!

    1. You are very welcome, Betty. I didn’t say thank you for all you comments but, thank you for all your comments! It is much appreciated and there is so much relief when the babies are full! That must be why we are drawn to watching them eat and hoping each gets enough.

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