How often does an eaglet eat?

Ever wondered how often an eaglet eats? At lots of the streaming cams there are individuals who are conducting research or others, for their own interest, are collecting data. This could include the times of day the nestlings eat and what they are fed. It could be the times when the parents change shifts, the weather, the wind, and anything else of interest.

After doing a quick scroll to see how the KNF eaglet had fared today and where the Razor-backed Musk Turtle had moved, I began to note the feedings of the eaglet. It seemed if I blinked Anna or Louis were filling its crop. This really does account for the fact that you rarely hear this little one crying for food despite the excellent sounds system!

I only have times after 11:00am. There would have been several feeds before then extending back to right before dawn.

The times I noted were: 11:12, 12:52, 13:52, 14:58, 15:29, 15:57, 16:35, and 17:27. Those are time stamps when the eaglet is being fed, not the start or the end times. So the 8 day old baby is being fed approximately every hour and perhaps more as bedtime approaches. Anna and Louis are excellent parents. While it is true that this nest could have fed two other eaglets, it is very satisfying to have one super healthy and strong nestling. These frequent feedings will begin to change when the eaglet can consume more food at a sitting.

Anna looks over at the pantry. Note where the turtle is. Anna has just moved it there. The turtle is still alive. It will make its way to the edge of the nest and get under some moss. Last year there was also a turtle that escaped from this nest!

For the first day or two, Anna and the eaglet worked out their system of eating and feeding. It was a little bumpy but not now. The little eaglet, hungry or not, promptly steps up to the edge of the egg cup by the pantry and waits to be fed. It knows precisely where to stand. Louis knows where to lave the fish, and Anna has the feeding all sorted.

Some of these images may look like duplicates but they aren’t. I just snapped a single image during each of the feedings.

At 10:18 the eaglet is not being fed but it already has a nice crop so it was fed prior. The images just won’t go back so I can’t see it actually eating but it would have been close to this time from the other time stamps.

Notice that Anna is moving the turtle with her beak. The eaglet is going into a food coma. Another indication of a recent feeding.

Apparently the eagles prefer these Razor-backed turtles because they are easier to pick up than the domed-shaped ones.

The turtle gets busy and moves while Anna is occupied feeding the baby.

You can just see it now off the side of Anna’s left shoulder.

Open wide!

The eaglet just sits. It often doesn’t even open its beak til Mum gets the food down near it. What an amazing system they have worked out. A perfectly contented nestling. I am impressed.

Can you see the eaglet’s crop?

At Anna’s table it is always, ‘just have one more bite!’

This baby is full to the brim. It will sleep nice and snug under Mum as she keeps it warm from the cold. Yes, it is cold in Louisiana today!

Have you submitted a potential name for this cutie? If not, you have until the 30th of Jan. Name suggestions should be sent to Please enter! Show the rangers down in the Kisatchie National Park how much we appreciate their efforts with the camera, the sound, and the great informed chat. Show them your love! Pick a great name for this eagle.

Oh, at 17:42, the turtle is out of sight. It might also hope it is out of the minds of the eagles and finds a way to get itself down to the ground!

It is a bit silly but I wanted to share this with you. There is a reason this eaglet doesn’t cry for food – it is always full!!!!!!! Simply a sweetheart! Thank you for joining me. Take care.

Thank you to Cody and Steve and the KNF Bald Eagle streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for the update. The KNF eaglet is so adorable. I love seeing it and in the photos it is so cute with the little tail ! The turtle seems to want to get away! There are plenty of fish so do you think it could be brought in as a toy for the little eaglet? Just a silly idea I guess.
    Hope it warms up soon there and everywhere.
    Have a great evening,

    1. You are so welcome, Linda. It is my pleasure…I wasn’t going to post anything else today but when I noticed this pattern, I couldn’t help myself. Last year Louis brought in 2 turtles. One was eaten and the other got away. I think this one might, too, if Anna forgets about it with all those fish in the pile! According to the forestry rangers, the eagles love to eat turtles. Also a good idea to imprint on the eagle foods that are acceptable. I hope it warms up all down in that area. My goodness! Here we are dressed for it and have houses with triple pane windows. I feel sorry for everyone when it gets this way. In Oklahoma I am certain pipes would be bursting! Take care!

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Yes it does affect our pipes. It’s cold out there tonight here! My husband covers our outside faucets. I feel for the birds. I think ours are nestled in the bushes. Today they flew out of them.
        Thanks again for all these nice updates and have a great evening!

      2. I cannot believe how cold it is getting in places. We are used to it but we still don’t like it. Saw that the KNF nest will be 0 tomorrow. Crazy! Let us all hope that it warms up soon. Take care!

  2. Mary Ann, sorry I’m way behind on commenting today. This was an uplifting post — I wish all the eaglets everywhere were eating as well as this little one. (And I too hope that turtle gets away!)
    Hopefully the weather will warm up and all will be well.

    1. Hi there. 14 feedings today and maybe one more. The camera froze. Yes, I wish they were all fed that much. Louis makes sure there is lots of food on the nest. Very smart because the weather has been so unpredictable. I wish they would all do that, too. That little eaglet is very lucky to have Anna and Louis as parents. Many others too. Take care. And thank you. I am glad you found it joyful.

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