While we were watching Samson and Gabby…..

Jackie laid her first egg of the season at Big Bear, California. No fan fare. Ate some prey. Just in the nest, laid the egg. Wow.

Jackie you made that look easy!!!!!!!

Mark your calendars. Pip watch will begin 27 February.

Last year the couple laid two clutches. Neither were successful. These are two real sweet hearts who have a loyal fan base. Let’s send them all of the positive energy we can for fledges this year!

At 15:19:56, Jackie was eating a prey delivery from Shadow.

It looked like an easy labour.

The egg appears from underneath all the feathers at 15:44. It could, however been laid a little earlier.

Talk about fans. There are 2365 people watching Jackie right now. We all hope that this will be a great year for this wonderful California Bald Eagle couple. Congratulations Shadow and Jackie!

Thank you for stopping by. So excited. There are hatches going on at Royal Cam Albatross and NEFlorida and now an egg for this couple. This is a great Saturday! Take care everyone.

Thank you to the Friends of Big Bear for the streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! Congratulations to Jackie and Shadow! Sending best wishes to them this season! 🙏❤️🦅❤️🦅🐣🙏

    1. Thousands of people were watching! So much love for this couple. Fingers crossed. It was my pleasure. Just happened to be there at the right moment. I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw that egg!

  2. Oh good, glad you were watching too, Mary Ann! I thought of you, hoping you were. Am still excited to have seen it happen live. Just coincidence – tuned in at the right moment.

    1. LOL. Could you believe it?! Eating a snack, walk over, and wow – lay an egg. Jackie made that look way too easy!!!! So happy. I hope that they have success this year.

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