Friday in Bird World

Where is Ervie? I cannot tell you. Yesterday he spent the day with Dad. Right around 17:25, Dad left the barge and flew out to fish.

Ervie moved up to the nest to receive the fish from Dad about a minute or so before he lands. Fabulous eyesight!

There’s Dad. The day before he brought Ervie 3 fish – yesterday, as far as I know, it was only one.

That was a nice fish and Ervie was still eating quite awhile later.

Ervie was still on the nest and had a nice crop as the sun was setting. The camera has tipped and at the time of my writing this blog, it was positioned so you could not see anything but part of the barge.

Ervie does not expend much energy sitting. That nice big fish would do him just fine – our home-body boy.

Just had to check. The Port Lincoln Nest is up and running and there were a few really good close ups of Ervie on the nest. He has flown off of it and I bet he is down in the cave with Dad.

The snow is really hitting the nests in PA and NY. Big Red and Arthur’s Red-tail hawk nest on the light stand of Cornell University has had a lot of snow. They were even in a snow fall warning area. That snow is due to taper off in the next hour. It is currently -7 C in Ithaca.

Yesterday I kept checking on Pittsburgh-Hays and US Steel Bald Eagle nests. They had lots of rain and now that has turned to snow.

It looks pretty peaceful at the US Steel Nest. One of the eagles is looking out over the territory.

We are still on egg watch for the Pittsburgh-Hays nest. No Eagles seem to be about.

In Hillsborough, New Jersey, the female at Duke Farms is incubating two eggs. It is rainy with some sleet.

In contrast, Missy and B15 are having a not so bad day!

The two eaglets at the Hilton Head Island Bald Eagle Cam are really changing. Those juvenile feathers are quickly coming in on top of that dark thermal down. Both had huge crops. It is not a great image. There is no re-wind on that camera and it is difficult to get good images. .

These two have changed so much since I last checked on them! They are also walking around – not completely steady but getting there. They are adorable. You can see that the one standing has many more dark feathers coming in than the smaller, younger eaglet being a duckling.

Speaking of growing, NE26 and NE27 are changing. Look closely and you will see that they are no longer round fluffy balls. Enjoy them while you can!!!!!!!

Gabby and Samson are both experts at feeding the babes. A bite for you and one for you. Things have been very civil on this nest and the pnatry is kept full. Devoted parents. And the weather is grand. It is 27 C in Jacksonville, so warm on the nest. Quite a contrast with Ithaca, NY!

I decided to check into a few of the nests without eggs. There was snow on the Denton Homes nest in Iowa.

There is still snow on the nest at Decorah Eagles also. Iowa has been hit with a lot of storms this year. Thankfully, it is not time to be thinking about eggs on these nests – not just yet. Soon enough.

The male Bald Eagle is on the Dulles Greenway Nest at the moment. They are anticipating the second egg will be laid there today. We are now over the 72 hour mark from the laying of the first egg. The weather looks good.

Here is the link to this Bald Eagle streaming cam in case it is not on your list.

The Bald Eagle community is saddened by the continuing deaths of the eagles by lead ammunition. Lead ammo is outlawed for waterfowl why not just outlawed? Those that keep track of Bald Eagle numbers anticipate a drop because of the large number of deaths. The hunters could take the entire carcass with them and dispose of it instead of leaving the innards with all the lead shot in the woods. Or they could by all of the various non-lead ammunition. What humans do not realize is that the lead actually gets absorbed through their skin by handling the bullets and the lead expended at sport shooting ranges gets absorbed into the ground – the spent ammo is, apparently, never cleaned up!

Raptors are also dying because there are people who actually shoot them. Someone just shot and killed a Bald Eagle in Iowa. Here is the notice on the Bald Eagles Live FB Page:

I want to leave you with something a little more light-hearted. Can you figure out where Grinnell is and what he is doing? That is Annie on the ledge.

It is a bright sunny cold -27 C day on the Canadian Prairies. I am happy to report that for some reason the Starlings were away from the garden for quite awhile. They have just returned but this gave the Sparrows and the Chickadees a chance to feed in peace. Oh, and yes. Dyson. Dyson was complaining that the large suet cylinder needed replacing. I must go and do that right away! I hope to get some good images of him and the other birds this weekend.

Thank you so much for joining me. Take care everyone! See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or FB pages where I took my screen captures:, Pix Cameras, NEFlorida Bald Eagles and the AEF, Port Lincoln Osprey Project, Berry College, Hilton Head Island Bald Eagles, Dulles Greenway, Duke Farms, Cornell Bird Labs, and Bald Eagles Live Nest FB.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks a whole bunch Mary Ann for all these updates!
    I loved reading about each one. Hope the weather soon gets better for all them
    In the cold snow as I know they can handle it but it must be hard on them.
    Prayers for all of them.
    Have a good afternoon Mary Ann and take care!

    1. The Storm should be dissipating soon! I hope they don’t have any more big snow storms but goodness, winter is not over yet. I am astonished at how well those birds do in the ice and snow! You are always welcome for the updates. It is truly my pleasure.

  2. Thanks for the Dulles Greenway nest link, Mary Ann. I’ve added it to my watch list. Thanks also for all the other reports. Hopefully all nests will make it through the severe weather okay. I always worry about them. Especially when the wind is blowing the nest trees around. That makes me especially nervous.

    You’re right about the changes the eaglets have gone through already. I honestly can’t believe how fast they grow! No longer fluff balls, any of them.

    Hope you had a break in the snow where you are. Do take care!

    1. You are very welcome. I am not as familiar with D-G as I should be so will be monitoring it closely this year. I see there is some action at some of the Iowa nests later. These eagles don’t let the weather get in their way. We will wake up and those two at NEFlorida will have juvenile feathers. It is crazy how quick they grow. Glad that all is well with each nest but Smitty and Bella. I hope they find her and take her into care.

  3. Ann-Marie W says:

    A heads up as our Ervie brought home a fish at 13:37:14. A beautiful display of confidence holding his fish in talons. A treasure for sure.

    1. Thank you, Ann-Marie. Much appreciated. Isn’t it wonderful!!!!!!!! Dad might want him to share! Again, thank you.

      1. Ann Marie W says:

        you are very welcome, wasn’t sure if you were watching live! I didn’t want you to miss it.

      2. I was so excited that I forgot to thank you. I will in the blog tomorrow. I wasn’t watching and I was so grateful when this machine made a noise and I knew something was up. Again, thank you so much and my apologies for being over the moon excited that I forgot to express my appreciation. I do very much appreciate your notifying me!

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