Late Saturday Bird World News

I have spent the morning sorting books and clearing out paper and all that gets accumulated before you realize it. In the midst of all of that I found a really nice letter from the Director of the 1000 Islands Environmental Centre in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. I think that each of you will be interested in the contents of this letter – indeed, I know you will.

“Bald eagles typically have a clutch of 1-3 eggs laid in late February or early March and hatch approximately 34-36 days later…Observations on the nest of the 1000 Islands Conservancy Zone confirmed a successful hatching with video and photo evidence of eaglets. Over the weekend, additional video of the nest was able to show that the adult pair have successfully hatched four eaglets.”

This is an extremely rare occasion. Nowak continues, “Successfully hatching four chicks in one nest is a very rare occurrence for bald eagles and it is an event to celebrate and safeguard. There have been very few documented cases of nests with four eaglets, and despite the success the eagles have had to this point, the adults face a significant challenge to provide enough food to sustain the young eaglets until they are independent this summer.”

There are the four nestlings being fed by Mum. Can you imagine how busy those parents were providing food?!

Here is a video of one of those feedings:

And guess what? The four eaglets fledged!!!!!!!! So if anyone ever asks you if you know of a Bald Eagle nest fledging four, you can now say ‘yes’ with confidence. This is one of those really feel good stories.

Today, I have spent more time cleaning than checking on the birds. Ferris Akel has his tour going on behind me and he has made me really miss the ducks in our City. I am just counting the weeks until April when they return.

In other Bird World news, we are still eggspecting Liberty to lay her second egg today. Lots of people watching and waiting. I continue to check.

UPDATE: Liberty laid that second egg today, as expected, at 14:42. I have to say I even felt for her as she was in labour! Congratulations Liberty and Guardian.

Andy is giving Lena a bit of a break at the Captiva Osprey nest. We are now on pip watch for this couple. It remains unclear to me if the owner still intends to shut off the camera after a hatch. The Ospreys have had bad luck in the past with the Crows taking the chicks. My understanding is that the camera is to be shut down until such time the chicks would be too big for the Crows. We wait to see.

And sadly, the camera at Port Lincoln is off line again. This is the last available image of Ervie and Dad on the barge. I always keep these. You never know if this will be our last sighting of Ervie for some time.

UPDATE: The Port Lincoln Osprey Barge camera is now up and streaming again. Ervie is watching the water! That is a good sign. Oh, wouldn’t we love to see him catch a fish off that barge! And not a Puffer or a Toadfish, please, Ervie.

It is a beautiful blue sky with sun here creating deep shadows on the snow. It is -19. Today’s garden adventure is brought to you by Little Red. A week ago I put a suet bell on a hanger for Little Woodpecker. Someone has been working very hard because they got the heavy suet off the holder, took it across the snow and got it on top of the small wood shed in the back. At that point the suet got stuck on a branch. (I lay them on top of one another on the top so the birds can get inside and hide if Sharpie comes!). That someone is Little Red! What a surprise. He deserves every bite of that suet. What a character! And a hard worker.

There is the object of desire. That little squirrel really managed to get it quite far.

Little Red got big bites of the suet. He would then run up to Sharpie’s post and eat it in the sun and then run back and get some more.

Isn’t this squirrel adorable?

Oh, the joy and the giggles these garden animals bring!

Thank you so much for joining me today. Little Red says to remember to leave some food for the squirrels, too! Take care. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or FB page where I took my screen captures: Redding Bald Eagles,, Captiva Osprey Cam, and 1000 Islands Conservation Zone FB page.

Good night from Thunder and Aceta at the West End Bald Eagle Cam on Catalina Island. Looks hot.



  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the updates! That suet is almost as big as little red! He is so cute!
    So glad the cam is back on at Port Lincoln with Ervie and Dad. Hope Ervie gets a fish! Yes please no puffer or toadfishes! Lol
    That is amazing and rare for the four eaglets and they fledged is even more amazing too!
    Thanks for all this great info and photos!
    I’ll be looking forward to the next updates as well!
    Thank you and have a good evening!

    1. Isn’t that a riot. I bet that suet weighs 10x what that little squirrel does. It sure keeps him busy! I had forgotten about the 4 eaglets so it was so nice to find that letter. That is amazing. Some nests have trouble with 2!

  2. Mary Ann, that’s wonderful to hear about the four eaglets!! Amazing and uplifting that they all survived and fledged!! That must be one for the record books.

    Oh, and I’m happy you were watching too when Liberty laid her second egg! I thought of you and was hoping you were. It never gets old, does it?

    Thanks for all the reports and also for the photos. I always love seeing pics of your dear yard birds and squirrels. It must be a joyous time there when spring arrives!

    1. Isn’t it, though? Can you imagine 4?! I was so glad I was watching Liberty. It never ever gets old. I just ached with her. You are always welcome.

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