Ervie gets another Puffer!

Watchers of the Port Lincoln Osprey streaming cam have watched Ervie bring a Puffer Fish to the nest and a Toadfish. Ervie ate the Puffer but the spiny appendages and maybe the terrible taste of the Toadfish meant that it was left on the nest – toxic and rejected. Everyone has so wanted to see Ervie dive off the barge and catch a fish – a ‘real’ fish – and haul it to the nest. Soon we hope.

Most of the morning Ervie was in the shed with Dad. However, Ervie flew off when it appeared that Dad was not budging to go and get a fish for his boy.

Out of the skies we see Ervie flying in. At first it looked like a nice fish. It was 12:11:52. As Ervie’s wing moved a bit, we could see that it was another Puffer Fish!!!!!!!! It is his snack size lunch.

Dad was watching his boy from the shed. You can see his head turned up taking it all in.

Poor Ervie. It must have felt funny having a balloon like object under your foot trying to move around on the nest.

Our beloved Ervie was soaking wet. He must be proud of his catch. This one he can eat. That Toadfish was a big disappointment.

Ervie ate and ate.

Ervie ate every morsel of his fish. Good lad.

Here is a short video clip of the event:

I wonder if Ervie has found a special place where he can find the puffers? Perhaps he will go and catch a few more today in the rain.

This is exciting. I know it isn’t a great big ‘real’ fish but it is a fish and Ervie got it all by himself. We are all proud of you, Ervie.

Thank you for joining me. Take care. See you soon!

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project where I took my screen captures and my video clip.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Yay for Ervie! We are so proud of you Ervie and I know Dad is too! Even though it’s a puffer fish he caught it himself and ate the whole fish! Thanks Mary Ann for this update on Ervie!

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