Congratulations Captiva (updated)

There are two cute little Osplets at the Captiva Osprey nest on Santibel Island this morning. If the third egg hatches, there will be three late Friday or Saturday. The first chick hatched at 21:40:12. I am not clear when the second hatched. They look almost like twins!

Eggs were laid on 8, 11, and 14 of January.

Oh, how wonderful to see that soft light fuzzy down and that dark stripe down the back of the nestlings. Oh, I have missed baby Ospreys! No doubt these two will bop one another and tumble on the nest. Here are a group of images from this morning.

You might notice that Andy and Lena do not keep a pile of fish on the nest. That would attract predators. Andy will, no doubt, have places where he stashes a little fish for the family elsewhere.

That little one wants some fish. Just look at the cute little tails already!

The oldest one has had at least one meal.

Andy is really on alert protecting his beautiful family.

In other news:

Bonnie and Clyde have one egg in the nest that stole last season from the Bald Eagles on the property of Farmer Derek near Newton, Kansas. That egg was laid when ice pellets were coming down about 00:47:00 on the 17th. Perhaps Farmer Derek will post an official time.

That icy sleet has turned to snow. Do not worry. You can just see those distinguishing ear tufts of the Great Horned Owl but Bonnie has thousands of feathers and her and the egg are absolutely safe.

Ervie is on the nest and Dad is on the perch. Everything is fine at the Port Lincoln Osprey Nest!

Send out warm wishes and positive thoughts to Andy and Lena. They will need to be so alert. We all hope that they will raise successful chicks to fledge this year!

Thank you for joining me this morning. Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to Window on Wildlife, Farmer Derek and Port Lincoln Ospreys for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures.


Oh, how I have missed seeing that lovely stripe and the fuzzy light down of the tiny little ospreys. Congratulations Lena and Andy!

Here is a variety of images from the morning. You will notice that there is not a pile of fish kept on the nest. That would attract predators.

Oh, just look. Little tails!!!!! And one of them wanting some fish.

Absolutely adorable.

There is our beautiful Osprey family. Andy is on high alert.

Oh, send out your most positive wishes to this Osprey family as Lena and Andy try to keep their babies safe.

Here is a link to the Captiva Osprey Cam:

Other quick news:

The Great Horned Owl couple that stole the Bald Eagle nest, Bonnie and Clyde, have one egg now. It was laid around 00:47:00 last evening it is thought. I have not seen an official time. There were ice pellets falling at the time and now Bonnie is covered in snow.

Bonnie will be fine and so will her egg. She is very insulated! If you want to watch this GHOW nest on Farmer Derek’s property near Newton, Kansas, here is the link:

Our favourite juvenile fledgling osprey is fine. Ervie is on the nest and Dad is on the perch. Everything is alright with the world in Port Lincoln.

Thank you for joining me today. Congratulations to Captiva and Bonnie and Clyde. Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to Window on Wildlife and Port Lincoln Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Good morning Mary Ann and thanks so much for the great news from Captiva! Congratulations to Lena and Andy and Bonnie and Clyde. Thanks for the cute photos of the little ones at Captiva.
    And all the other photos too! Sending best wishes to these new parents and their little ones.
    Glad Ervie is fine also and with Dad!
    Have a great day Mary Ann and take care!

    1. You are very welcome. Those babies are so cute. I sure hope the crows stay away! It will mean times of fish calling since nothing can be left on the nest but…we want them to survive. It is hatch watch for the Savannah GHOW, too!

  2. Mary Ann, I love the pictures of the new Osprey babies. What a lovely family! Hope all goes well for them.
    Also glad that all’s well with Ervie. He does seem to own that nest now. Do you think there’ll be any territory conflicts with his parents in the future? Or do you predict Ervie will soon head out to explore new territory like his siblings did? I don’t know that much about the “psychology” of Ospreys!

    1. Oh, I am so glad that you enjoyed those images. More coming! I just melt when I see little Osplet babies. I don’t think there would be a problem with Ervie. I have seen lots of Osprey nests crowded together. As long as there remains enough fish for all of them. — I used to not like Ospreys because of the siblicide but, I have changed and well, my bookcase is full of Osprey books. The more I learned the more I admired them! Alan Poole’s book on Ospreys is a good start but I think that David Gessner’s In Search of Fidel is a must read. A paperback you can get used.

      1. Thanks for the book titles, Mary Ann! I’m glad to hear that there shouldn’t be any problems. Will hope for a plentiful food supply for them all!

      2. You are very welcome, Betty. That is all we can hope – good parenting, no intruders and enough food! Take care.

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