Third Chick Hatching Now!

The chick inside the third egg at the Captiva Osprey Nest is actively hatching right now. You can visibly see the shell breaking apart on the streaming camera.

Andy is an excellent fisher and he has been supply all kinds of fish for the first two osplets to eat. That long pencil shaped fish just came in. Sorry I simply am not good at IDing fish.

The second one did not get as much fish as the first one. There is plenty of fish left and the wind is blowing strong. Meanwhile the egg is moving.

Just look at Lena’s face when she notices the third one! Yes, Lena – there are three.

Osplet 1 got the bulk of the new fish at first and now Lena has moved to Osplet 2 who waited patiently. Oh, my. There is going to be three and the little one will be so tiny compared to these two. I hope that it has the fortitude and cunning to survive well like Tiny Tot Tumbles, Tiny Little Bob, and dear Ervie.

You can catch the last of the hatching on the streaming cam:

Thank you for joining me. Congratulations will be in order for Lena and Andy shortly and all the folks at Captiva.

Thank you to Window on Wildlife for the streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Mary Ann! I’ve now got their nest on my t.v. I sure hope this new one will be able to survive with two larger siblings. Crossing fingers!

    1. Lena looked shocked and Andy continues to want to see it! I think he has gone to get a fish for the nest. Yes, fingers crossed here too. It has to be very strong to get out of that shell so fast. Some said there was a pip last night but it is unclear. But, oh, little Ospreys are exciting! The Redding Eagles look like they are doing well, too.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for this updates while hatching ! How wonderful to be able to watch.
    Good luck and best wishes to this little bitty one! Hope all goes well 🐣🐣🐣

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