Rosie’s Back – and other Osprey tales on Friday


Richmond has been waiting for Rosie since the end of the first week in February. Richmond was near the nest when Rosie flew in this morning. He is so delighted. Can you imagine?

Migration is such a challenge. It is such a relief she is home. They sure have a lot of work to do on this nest. Just look at it.

Here is the video capturing Rosie’s homecoming.

There is news coming out of Texas that Ospreys are crossing the Rio Grande River in their move northward. Wonder when Iris will be home? or the other Montana Ospreys? The migration out of Africa and into southern Europe and the Middle East has begun also. Spring is coming! Wishing all of the migrating birds a safe journey to their spring and summer homes. Looking forward to monitoring some of the Osprey nests here in Manitoba this summer. It gives me hope. Hope that the snow will melt slowly and help with our 4-5 year drought and halt all of the wildfires that have plagued wildlife areas last summer.

There isn’t even a pigeon on the Port Lincoln Osprey nest this morning. Will Ervie pay the nest a visit today?

No one at home yet.

The nest of Andy and Lena at Captiva, Florida is doing so well. It is just a joy to watch. Around 1:30, all of the osplets had huge crops. They had been eating and eating. The sun is hot and Lena goes for a swim and lets Andy watch the kids. She returns and sends him on his way to get more fish!

Just look at that crop! Each of the chicks has an identical one.

Looking at Andy. Andy is a great angler but he seems less inclined to head over and shade the chicks while Mum is away.

That big crop again.

Lena is home. I hope she had a great cooling off bath. She is great about keeping the chicks shaded as they truly cannot regulate their own temperature yet. That is little Bob on the right. He is just a cracker.

The three are really growing. Their necks are getting longer and soon they will begin to look more like reptiles than these adorable cuddly little chicks.

Lena is a great Mum.

It is nearing 16:00 and Lena is yelling at Andy to some more fish on the nest – the chicks are rumbling and hungry.

Andy arrives with a Ladyfish at 16:32. He really does respond! The babes were well fed before bed – each of them. Lena is very different than other Osprey Mums I have watched. Much longer feedings earlier on, fewer of them. It is working well for this trio.

Andy loves watching the babies be fed.

After Lena goes for a nice swim. Gosh, is she ever wet. She does not havee to go far to have a spa day!

Everyone will settle in for the evening. The little ones are nice and plump. Growing like mad.

They had four good feeds today. Here is a video of one early one with the live fish brought onto the nest!

Keep your eyes on Port Lincoln. Ervie could show up.

Thank you so much for joining me. It is so reassuring to see that all of the birds are doing well. Rosie returned safely from her migration and Captiva just couldn’t be better. Take care. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cam and FB pages where I took my screen shots: Golden Gate Audubon and SF Bay Ospreys, Port Lincoln Osprey Project, and Window on Wildlife and the Captiva Ospreys.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks ever so much on the updates tonight Mary Ann! So glad Captiva is doing well and being fed so well too! Love them three little bitties!💕💕💕
    I do hope Ervie shows up and I wish Dad will join him sometime too!❤️
    I am so happy to see Rosie! It’s one of my favs to watch too! Richmond is funny with the toys and hats he brings in. There is another nest that the Dad osprey brings many toys in at Dahlgreen. Lol.
    Have a good night and hope to see you tomorrow!

    1. You are so welcome, Linda. Simply my pleasure. They are cute, aren’t they? I love it when their little bodies are fat from all the good food. Richmond and Rosie and Jack and Harriet have lots of work on those nests. I can’t wait to watch them bringing in things! Harry and Richmond love toys!

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