Annie is home!

I had just sat down at my desk – probably for less than 30 seconds – and ‘B’s’ note came flying across my inbox. ‘Annie is Back’. Tears of joy are rolling down my face. Thank you so much ‘B’ for thinking of me and all the other readers. We will all sleep much better tonight.

This was the Twitter posting from Cal Falcons with the joyous news:

For those of you watching other bird streaming cams, we know that Gabby often disappears for a 24 hour period at the peak of breeding season and that scares the wits out of us. This year Bella was injured – how bad is unknown – and she returned to take her territory 17 days later. Perhaps Annie needed a break? Maybe she had been in an altercation and needed some R & R. It is very probably that we will never know. What is important is that she appeared on The Campanile and is in fine shape. Grinnell must be so delighted. Certainly their fans are glad that they are both back together!

Thank you to Cal Falcons for their Twitter feed where I took my screen capture.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks so much Mary Ann! It’s so nice to know that Annie is back home! Prayers are answered. 🙏❤️

  2. Mary Ann, I’m so very happy to hear this good news!!! Thanks so much for letting us know. Happy, happy, happy!!!!!

    1. Yes, isn’t it just wonderful. We needed a small miracle with all that is going on.

      1. Yes! Now we just have to hope she and Grinnell will re-establish their bonds and that the other females will stay away.

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