Jackie, come Home!!!!! updated

The hatch at Big Bear is official. Jackie sees her baby for the first time.


  1. This is so exciting! Had glimpse of new baby awhile ago – so tiny and sweet! Thanks for all the updates today, Mary Ann.
    Thanks also for sharing the history of this nest in earlier post. I never knew Jackie was the offspring of previous nest owners – or that Shadow might possibly be her sibling. Wow!
    Hoping all goes well for this eagle family this year.

    1. I so wish that the history of the nest was easy to find – like under the streaming cam?? Without banding we will never know if it is Jackie, daughter of Ricky and Lucy but it seems that it is. Normally, it is the male that returns to the nest, like Samson. Which makes me think that Shadow is Lucy and Ricky’s Shadow. I have been searching to try and find images years ago. Just haven’t had the time. We will never know for sure unless they are sometime able to take DNA tests from the two of them.

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