Jackie, come Home!!!!! updated

3 March 2022

At 15:40 Jackie reluctantly gave up incubating their egg and just about to hatch chick for a much needed break.

That strong little chick is now making its way into the world as proud Papa, Shadow, oversees the action!

You can watch this amazing moment – when Jackie returns – to see her baby along with 8, 165 other souls by going to this streaming cam:

Tears. This chick is not fully hatched but nearly there. So happy for Shadow and Jackie and thankful to the Friends of Big Bear Valley for their streaming cam.

UPDATE: Jackie and Shadow’s chick hatched at 16:14 Pacific Time 4 March. Shadow was on the nest!!!

Jackie sees her baby for the first time as Shadow reluctantly gives up brooding. Congratulations, Jackie and Shadow.


  1. Reblogged this on Mary Ann Steggles and commented:

    The hatch at Big Bear is official. Jackie sees her baby for the first time.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for this update!
    Congratulations to Jackie and Shadow!

    1. Oh, it seemed silly to post a separate newsletter. I was just happy to update the one with the great news. Oh, let us all hope that the weather does not harm the chick and that the Ravens stay away. So hopeful for this lovely couple. Can’t wait to see that fluffy baby in the morning, Linda.

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