Time for Q & A about Annie and Grinnell

I have just seen a Twitter reminder from Cal Falcons that the official time for the Q and A about Annie and Grinnell and, in particular, about Annie’s absence. is noon Pacific Time, Friday the 4th of March.

I reported 2pmPacific Time not noon! My sincerest apologies.

I do not want anyone to miss this so please go to YouTube and click on the alarm alert so you do not miss this lively discussion. Cal Falcons is always very informative and cheerful. They are a great bunch!

Last time, the discussion was posted if you missed it. But, if you are around, do turn in to the live feed. They often take questions from watchers.

Again, my apologies to everyone. I would not want anyone to be disappointed because of my error. Take care!

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks for this Mary Ann!
    I hope I can be able to watch this.
    Take care!

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