Big changes at Dale Hollow – for the good!

In my earlier blog today, I reported on two feedings at Dale Hollow where River reaches out, both times, to encourage Middle DH15 to eat. You can read about it here with other Bird World news:

Middle is getting more confidence and it is hungry. Middle still needs to have more feedings as its crop is not nearly as big as Big’s.

But, at 13:19:27 a miracle happened. River had recently landed on the nest. Big and Middle were over by the rail. Middle on the side closest to Mum. Middle began cheeping for food. Without any direction from River, Middle began walking over to the prey area where River feeds. River fed Middle the remaining fish and some scraps from the morning!!!!!!! I simply could not stop the tears from flowing. We are not out of the woods at this nest by a long shot but, we will take all these golden moments and celebrate.

These images need little narration.

We see Middle moving cautiously up to Mum, River.Our brave little one wants some fish.

At the beginning it is snatch and grab. Later the feeding calms down. Middle takes some big bites of that good fish.

River seems happy to take the fish and feed it to Middle, too.

Middle continues to eat. Big never goes up to the table and there is really no confrontation between them over the food.

At 1:33:02, the fish is finished.

Continue sending your warm wishes to this nest and also wish for fish! The more fish, the more feedings, the more stable this nest will become!

Thank you to the Dale Hollow Eagle streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the update. I really pray this continues. Middle deserves it. This little eaglet has suffered enough. I think Mom River is realizing now and I’m so glad she is feeding middle so well today!

    1. Me, too. He is such a sweet little baby. It broke my heart when there was a big fish and he begged at her feet to be fed. He was literally starving. And then Big…but, for now all is good. Continue to send love and prayers!

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