Fishing Line wrapped around Little Middle’s leg/s at Dale Hollow: updated

Hats off to a wildlife rehabber in Kentucky, Carol Moore, who is attempting to get help for DH15. Thank you, Carol.

Mary Ann Steggles

A big thank you to Carol Moore of Wildlife Matters in Kentucky. She responded to my note about Little Middle. She has reached out to the Raptor Centre who will contact the US Fish and Wildlife Service. A permit is required and they are normally given quickly in a human caused instance. It was within hours for the Captiva Bald Eagles that had fishing line that CROW removed. Let us hope that something can be done to help Little Middle, DH15.

30 March 2022

If you happened to tune in to chat at the Dale Hollow nest after 10:36 when River brought a big fish on to the nest, you will have noticed the moderators talking about the fish hook and line. The hook was in the side of the fish with a long line that ultimately became wrapped around Little Bit’s leg!!!!!!!!!! My hurt sunk to my toes.


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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Wonderful! Thank you Carol from all of us who love little middle
    Thanks Mary Ann for contacting them!
    God Bless little middle and all the helpers 🙏❤️There should be no problem getting the fishing line removed from any baby eaglet or baby Osprey!

    1. I feel like she will try her best. No promises but I am hopeful it will be Patuxent not CM. Little Middle ate. It needs some prayers. I hope the mother will figure it out if it doesn’t get too wrapped.

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Thanks Mary Ann and prayers for it to work out soon 🙏

      2. Yes. It is that feeling of helplessness when you know what needs to be done and you just can’t jump in and do it through a screen.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated, Mary Ann. I hope they can get the ball rolling on this ASAP. Prayers and crossed fingers for Middle Little…

    1. Fingers crossed. I have been watching that line closely, Betty. Little Middle got across the nest. I did not see the line wiggle or move. Did it come off itself? or is it attached to something and then his leg? foot? Don’t know but I live in hope for this little one to fledge! There are good people who try to help. I always say make friends with your local wildlife rehabber. They know who to call and will do anything they can to care for injured wildlife. I hope you are having a good day. I am going to go and put out another solid seed cylinder. The squirrels seem to like them more than the birds! —- I live in hope. And you are welcome for the updates.

  3. B says:

    Thank you, Carol, and thank you Mary Ann! Wishing the best for DH15 — there are enough challenges for the little one without facing this human-caused challenge.

    1. You are very welcome. Wildlife rehabbers are wonderful people and will try as best they can to help and care. DH15 or Little Middle has a large crop. The line appears on the streaking cam around the left foot at 15:30:37. There is other line in the nest near the rim at the left top. Fingers crossed.

      1. Lily says:

        Thank you Mary Ann for this update. I hope they’ll move fast to help Little Middle. I wonder what happened to the hook? Is it attached to the fishing line on LM’s leg? Hopefully CROW will act swiftly. I remember when Harriet and M-15 eaglets had an eye infection last season. They came in pretty quickly to remove the eaglets from the nest.

      2. River spotted the hook and the line. The look on her face told me she had had experience – not good – with those before. River threw it over the side of the nest. There is one piece or appears to be one piece of line on the nest and some around Little Middle’s left foot. You can see it at 15:30:37. It is difficult to know how much. I hope it is a short piece and that it will work its way off naturally. Little Middle has eaten and is mobile.
        It isn’t CROWs area, sadly. They are in Florida. This nest is on property owned by the US Army – not private like Captiva or D Pritchett (Harriet and M15). It is unclear what the condition of the tree is. You need either to get a cherry picker in if you can find one or borrow one and then you need a strong tree to climb if you can’t use the machine and a climber. So we wait. I trust the wildlife rehabber to make the calls. But whether anything happens well…we just have to wait and hope!

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