Still line on Little Middle and more news in Bird World!

31 March 2022

Please continue to send your good wishes to Middle Little. The fishing line is still attached to him! He is dragging nesting material behind him when he walks!!!!!!!!! Oh, just when we thought it was all over. Thank you CW for letting me know.

It must still be attached to the ‘human ankle area’ of an eaglet but not cutting his toes.

I am attempting to find out if the tree is safe for someone to go up and remove the line. Hopefully everyone in Tennessee knows about this issue by now and let us continue to hope that someone will help.

Here is some more news I have been working on while watching Little Middle.

Mr President is so excited about having a little one in the National Arboretum nest – after four years of not!

You gotta love these two!!!!! That little one is going to be so spoiled – and that is a good thing.

At the Kisatchie National Forest nest of Anna and Louis, Kincaid is getting ready to fledge!

Kincaid would also like some fish! One of the parents was seen yesterday afternoon before the big storm hit. No parents at nest today and it is nearing 15:00. Positive wishes!!!!!

Oh, goodness…they are all itching to fly. B15 took off this morning and has not returned to the nest despite Missy having a fish trying to entice her. B15 has been seen in trees around the nest so hopefully when she gets over the joy of flying, she will feel like eating. Right now Jasper at the NEFlorida nest of Gabby and Samson has branched. Rocket will not be far behind!

Jasper is back in the nest.

Little cuddle puddle.

Annie took off for a bit this morning and, thankfully, she is back in the scrape and it is alright. A two year old juvenile female came to The Campanile and went right in with the eggs. She could have damaged them – thankfully, she didn’t!

All seems to be well at the West End nest. They are growing like the dandelions that come to the lawn in the spring! Just look at the oldest standing next to Akecheta.

The Mum at Pittsburgh-Hayes is really busy with her triplets!!!!!!

They are out of the nest cup!

If you are looking at these images and cannot quite figure out how eaglets develop from week to week, this is one of the best guides with pictures that I have found:

Thanks for joining me this afternoon. I regret having to go back to that fishing line still on the eaglet. I live in hope that someone will actually do something. At least the line is not cutting its talons. Take care all. Remember to check on Annie this evening about 21:00 on YouTube at Cal Falcons. She could lay her third egg. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Dale Hollow Bald Eagles, NEFlorida Bald Eagles and the AEF, Berry College, KNF Bald Eagle Nest, Pix Cams, NADC-AEF, and West End Bald Eagles.


  1. Gabbie says:

    If someone goes up there to maintain the camera once a year, it must be safe!

    1. One would think so but the camera would be on another tree. At the White-bellied sea eagle nest it is on an opposite tree. I just wonder if they use a cherry-picker to fix the cam. Then they could easily turn it towards the nest. It would take only a quick 2-3 minutes to get that filament off that nest! The chicks are small enough they would lay down. They are not going to fly off early. I do hope someone will do something. Sadly I don’t know people there personally and have to rely on others for information, etc. But let us hope that help comes even if it is River breaking off that line!

    2. Linda Kontol says:

      Mary Ann it’s so sad for little middle but maybe it will all come off or they will come help. It needs to be done since they Have rules and it is human error. 🙏 hope all goes well with B15! I hope dad is around there and watching out.
      Prayers for Kincaid to get a fish tonight.
      Thanks for these updates Mary Ann and we look forward to hearing soon
      Take care! Linda

      1. I sure hope so. It has now moved and is entangled with some of the nesting material to the right talons. It doesn’t seem to be cutting at them but in one frame I thought I saw blood on the back of ML’s leg. — It has been a horrific day with Grinnell’s death. I hope the parents bring Big and LM some fish. They haven’t had anything since morning and that was not a lot. LM fed himself. It would keep Big from hurting it. Pa Berry knows where B15 is but they are trying to lure him into the nest or were. Hopefully he is there and Kincaid…yes, he needs a fish! Thank you, Linda for writing in.

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