Grinnell found dead

31 March 2022

It is with tears flowing so hard that I can hardly type that I bring you this very tragic news from San Francisco.

Annie and Grinnell are the Peregrine Falcon couple at The Campanile on the campus of UC-Berkeley. Annie was due to lay their third egg this evening.

This is the report from Cal Falcons:

I will have more to say about this wonderful falcon tomorrow or later tonight. Fly high, Grinnell! You were very much loved.


  1. Utterly heartbreaking…. Thank you for sharing this devastating news, Mary Ann. Sharing tears with you.

    1. Hugs, Betty. Just totally shocking. But I ache for Annie and for all those who had loved Grinnell since they first laid eyes on him. Fly high, Grinnell! Fly high and fast,

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh no! How sad! 😢 it’s so hard to believe this has happened to Grinnell.
    Poor Annie. I wonder if that is where she went looking for him. 🙏
    I was so looking forward to watching them and their babies. God Bless Annie and the eggs

    1. It was something I never imagined happening, Linda. Just shocked. It would just always be Grinnell and Annie…looking forward to the third egg tonight. Poor Annie. I wondered if he was chasing an intruder or what he was doing downtown but in the end, it is just tragic. I clearly feel for Annie. How very, very sad.

  3. B says:

    So very, very sad for poor Grinnell. Heartbreaking. Fly high, sweet fellow.

    1. It is. I know how much you loved Grinnell and Annie and how much you were looking forward to this clutch. Grinnell was much loved and we are better for having him in our lives. Yes, fly high, Grinnell…higher and higher.

  4. Lily says:

    Grinnell I hardly knew you but was looking forward to watching Annie and your nest this season. So very heartbreaking, especially because Annie will be left alone with the eggs and will never know what happened to you. Tears. Fly swift and high over the rainbow bridge sweet Grinnell.

    I want so much for action to be taken at the Dale Hollow nest, I just can’t understand why nothing has been done? It’s always been understood if a raptor is injured due to human intervention there would be an intervention. Little Middle is in danger of having damage done to h/s leg and as long as that fishing line remains on the nest, both eaglets are at risk.

    1. You would so have enjoyed Grinnell and Annie. I am so sorry that we will not to have another season with them…such empathy for Annie who will never know what happened.
      But…Dale Hollow. I was disappointed when the fishing line was first discovered and the women who ran the chat said that nothing could be done. You are correct. Intervention is allowed in instances where the cause is ‘human’ – like rodenticide poisoning, fish hooks, etc They still need to get a ‘go ahead’ from the local Fish and Wildlife but this would come fast. Some wildlife rehabbers can do this quite quickly – like CROW in Sanibel. As someone said, Lily, if they can get up there to maintain the camera it would seem that should be able to get up there to help the eaglets! Interventions do take place when the issue is not human caused, also. Like the eaglet with its foot stuck at NA and the eye infection at SWFlorida. There are others – osprey falls out of a nest, etc. — Where there is a will to get action, it can be done. To my knowledge, anyone who needs to know about this in the area does know. They could take a boat with someone who is a tree climber. The eaglets are too young to fly off. They would hunker down and the parents would definitely return. Like you, I have moved from disappointment to frustration and now after Grinnell I am upset that people who can do something haven’t yet. —

      1. Lily says:

        I have some amazing news I just read on Berry chat. “They are reporting that a male peregrine falcon has landed on the ledge near Annie who is incubating her eggs tonight at Berkeley after the death of Grinnell today. They are crossing their fingers he stays.”

        Have you heard this Mary Ann? It would truly be a miracle.

        As for Dale Hollow I’m frustrated as well because there is no reason an intervention shouldn’t have started days ago. Middle deserves a chance to grow and fledge, especially what h/s has been through.

      2. Yes, there is a male around and they have bonded in the scrape box. I recorded Annie last night and we believed she was responding to another bird. The male seems respectful of the two eggs and Annie appears to be protective of them. We wait. It is possible this is the male that Grinnell was chasing out of the territory when he was killed. I am trying to find the game wardens in the area of the eagle nest since the USFWS refers everyone to them!!!!!!! It is just a circle of passing it along. Infuriating! Little Middle does deserve a chance. Big was really hurting it today, sadly. Its beak is so big pulling at the fur on the top of the back. Could not get to the head, thankfully! We can only live in hope it seems.

      3. And, apologies, thank you for letting me know! I often miss these things and I am thankful for the news, Lily.

  5. Lisa says:

    What terrible, sad news… sincere condolences go out to all who have followed this beautiful bonded pair. I only becme aware of their story through your blog but what a tumultuous and now tragic season. RiP Grinnell – Your successes will flourish with the 13 chicks you fledged 😪

    1. Well put, Lisa! Thank you. You would so have enjoyed seeing him and Annie raise their kids. I am sorry you won’t get to. Grinnell was a really sweet bird who always put a smile on my face – and that of hundreds of others.

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