Can you help Little Middle?

This is the latest image I have of Little Middle’s legs. The cutting from the line has now broken the skin and there is bleeding.

I have written and called USFWS who tells me to find the game warden in the area. I just wrote to the head of TN Wildlife Services.

Sadly I have to go out for the afternoon. Here is the link to the contact numbers in Tennessee:

If you feel so inclined, live in Tennessee, please call and see if we can get help before it is too late. Nothing seems to have happened from my calls, sadly.

Thank you.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Hello Mary Ann
    I just had a chance to check this email today. This is very sad that no one has written or called us back. I hope we can get some help soon. It’s Friday afternoon already. I just called and she connected me to someone else. There were messages but noone answered.
    I’ll keep trying. Thanks for letting us know about this! May God Bless this baby🙏❤️

    1. It is. I don’t care if they write back but I would like to see someone get up to that nest and help that baby. Three monitored nests this week with the same issue…can you imagine how many we don’t see. Humans really do need to stop fishing and hunting if they can’t stop endangering wildlife. Drives me nuts.

  2. Feeling so helpless here…. continuing thoughts and prayers – and tears.

    1. Me, too. All we can do is try. It is knowing the right person. But last year when I discovered along with a reader in Honolulu that wetlands that are associated with the Dept of Natural Resources are often nothing more than places to sell hunting licenses to kill the ducks raised there!!!!!!! Sometimes we have success trying to get help. Sometimes we don’t. But we never give up trying.

  3. Lily says:

    This is so frustrating. I called three separate numbers and spoke to two people who said I needed to speak to the Warden in district three but when I called that number it was also a voice mail. I just don’t understand why this hasn’t been taken care of? There’s a camera on this nest, who operates the camera? Maybe that’s the route, contact the camera operator and find out who can help. I’m not in Tennessee but it doesn’t really matter. I’ll try tomorrow again but I had to go out today so I wasn’t able to make as many phone calls. We have to get help for Little Middle!

    1. Thank you so much, Lily. Your help for Little Middle is wonderful. You are experiencing what I have been finding. The key is to find the person who knows and will contact the person who will get up there. Your question is interesting. The camera and nest are on the land belonging to the Army Corp of Engineers. That said, the camera at Kisatchie National Forest (KNF) in Louisiana does not have ads on it! So I wonder. It certainly has been pass the buck. There are a few calling and surely someone will listen! Thank you for trying. It is kind.

  4. Lily says:

    The same thing has happened on the SWFL nest. Lady Hawk just posted this video.

    SWFL Eagles ~ URGENT NEWS ~ FISHING LINE & HOOK Caught On E20’s Foot! Monitoring Situation 4.1.22

    1. Yes, 3 cases in a week on monitored nests!!!!!!!! Humans really need to clean up after themselves. CROW is at SWFlorida. I wish I could wiggle my nose and get them in TN. If E20 can get help, the Pritchett family and CROW will make it happen. The nest is on private land which helps.

  5. Celia Aliengirl says:

    Good day Mary Ann,

    Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to call from Belgium,
    but I have shared your page and continue to pray.

    Recently there was a rescue in Floride, maybe some of these people could also help us find the right person so that an intervention can be done.

    My greetings from Belgium.

    1. Dear Celia, Thank you for caring! I wrote to Ron Magill yesterday. He is Mr Miami Zoo and is the one who rescued R2, the youngest of Rita and Ron’s eaglets. He knows that this is an intervention that will be approved! And this morning I was sent the name of another person plus the founder of The American Eagle Foundation, Al Cerere, has it on his radar. Their group is in TN. So…hopefully someone will connect with the right local people. Each streaming cam needs local emergency contact information! And yes, I totally understand why you wouldn’t call from Belgium but your caring and thoughtfulness is so appreciated.

      1. Celia Aliengirl says:

        Good evening Mary Ann,

        Thank you for your understanding, I am glad to hear that you have obtained other contacts.

        Personally I have trouble understanding the management of this nest, and I am also very disappointed by their silence. On facebook nothing has been reported by the moderators since March 26, except just recently, today, it was posted the following at 6:45pm in the middle of a pinned post from June 17, 2020.

        “”Dale Hollow Eagle Cam
        if someone acted to help one baby, both babies would most likely die or the nest would be abandoned by the parents. Let the experts handle the situation. I know it can hurt to see one of the babies die, but it happens.”

        I conclude that they will never consider any intervention on this nest, even if it is related to a human cause. It is really sad and difficult to understand especially when we see that in other states of America they intervene without any problem.

        On that note, I wish you a safe journey into the forest.
        Take good care of yourself,

        I look forward to reading you every day.
        My sincerest greetings,

      2. Dear Celia, It is one of the most frustrating sites that I have ever encountered. I don’t know the players or anything about them. I do know that Ron Magill did an intervention at the nest in Florida – Rita and Ron WRDC – and it was successful and they were much older. The eaglets at SW Florida were removed for 6 days and Harriet was back in the nest within minutes. So what they are saying does not bear out with what can be seen happening at nests. It is unclear who has administration of the nest and who gets the revenue for every time we click to watch. A chat sometimes comes when they recalibrate the camera – and the nest and camera are on Army Corp of Engineer property. Someone is watching. I was trying to get a look specifically at ML’s left leg and foot. At 11:34:26 LM was facing the rim. The feed resumes at 11:35:15. There is a gap of only .79 seconds but a jump cut so that the leg could not be seen. Later I caught LM standing up. The eaglet looks pretty good. There are nests who raise money and who will not do a thing for the eaglets. There are others that bend over backwards esp if it is human caused. I hope one day to find out more about the players at Dale Hollow. I had to go for a walk to try and get them out of my head. Thank you for sending me what they posted on FB. They obviously do not know what to do with everyone calling to get help for the eaglet!

  6. Melissa Richards says:

    Hi Maryann, my name is Melissa. Someone on the dale page referred me to this page. I have been beyond frustrated with this whole situation and the lack of care and concern on the part of the camera people. I reported this issue to Tennessee wildlife resources agency a couple days ago and they just got back to me today. I did mention you and this page and your attempt to get some help and that it sounded like you were making progress. So they may get in touch with you about this sad situation. I have been watching Eagle cameras for a long time and their excuse that the parents may abandon the nest or the little ones may jump off if someone were to go up there is nothing but nonsense. The chicks that young will just lie flat and still when someone goes up to the nests and the parents never abandon the nests for that reason. My thought was if youre going to run this site perhaps they should know what they are talking about. Anyway thank you for all that you are doing to help the chick. I pray they can help

    1. Dear Melissa, Thank you so much for reaching out and thank you for taking the time to try and find someone to help with the monofilament line. It takes a village to get help for an eaglet and it also helps to find the right person to get the ball rolling. Ron Magill at the Miami Zoo who just rescued R2 for the same reason – fishing line – helped me along with many others who called and tried to connect. I was informed at 15:24 that the American Eagle Foundation team is working to get permission from the Army to enter the area of the nest site. The individuals that run the camera own the camera and collect the funds from the ads. They have to have permission from the Army to service the camera. They do not own the land, the tree, or the eagles ——. And it is sad that they are behind in their understanding. Yes, you are correct and even the head of USFWS permits for an intervention says that the eaglets will pancake. The parents will not abandon them. Sadly, many at the camera group believe this. I say respect the ‘experts’ but it is the experts that are saying it is alright to remove the line! It is very frustrating but we do it for the eaglets when we see issues. All of this is pushing me to be more and more of a wildlife advocate/activist. I do hope that Jessica Halls gets the permission to enter the land from the Army. Unfortunately,, Dale Hollow is missing the opportunity to win the hearts and minds of the greater eagle loving community.

      1. Melissa Richards says:

        Yes I was so angry that I told them I reported them for not fulfilling their obligation to keep these beautiful birds safe. They banned me from their page lol and it was right after that they made their nonsense comment on their page. I will always speak up for animals, and I could care less if im banned. Im praying this is taken care of soon

      2. LOL. You now get to join my club!!!!!!!! I understand the AEF just needs the OK from the Army to go on the property. I hope that this goes smoothly and also that the little eaglet’s legs where the filament was cutting are not infected, etc. They can’t get up there fast enough for me. And, Melissa, always care and always try. It is all we can do to try and make their lives better.

      3. Melissa Richards says:

        On a side note I noticed you post about a lot of birds. I live in Utica NY and our peregrine falcons Astrid and Ares now have 3 eggs in their nest. I am part of the group that does fledge watch every year. Its so much fun and scary at times. You can find their web page at and the facebook page falcon watch Utica

  7. Melissa Richards says:

    Yes I pray the little one is ok too. I will keep watching and praying that everything goes smoothly. Im proud to be in that club!!

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