Some support for Middle Little

The individuals who would do the intervention from The American Eagle Foundation are awaiting permission from the US Army to enter the property. They are the only agency that can give them permission. No other group has standing over this matter.

Mary Ann Steggles

4 April 2022

UPDATE: I have just heard from Jessica Halls at the American Eagle Foundation. They are on standby to do the rescue once the thumbs up from TN is given. They are awaiting permission from the Army to enter the site.

This morning I received two positive e-mails from individuals who are going into action for the little eaglet at Dale Hollow. I want to thank Ron Magill of the Miami Zoo who rescued R2 just ten days ago, the eaglet of Ron and Rita’s who had monofilament line wrapped around its legs. Ron sent the information about the eaglet to the Reese Collins, the Eagle Permit Holder for the USFWS. She has alerted the proper individuals in Tennessee. One of you made a video of the line and I thank you. I have sent it to Reese to confirm the continuing presence of the line. I am…

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    So glad we are getting some help for this little eaglet🙏❤️

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